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Fleching guide

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Hello and welcome to this fletching guide

In this guide I will tell you what to make to get 99 fletching fast and easy. Follow these steps and you will reach 99 in no time! note that all of the steps are with 1x xp


1-20 you can make Arrow shafts from normal logs(350xp each)
20-35 cut oak logs into
shortbows(1115xp each) or switch to long bows at lvl26 (1750xp each)
35-50 cut willow logs into shortbows (2331xp each) or switch to longbows at 40 (2905xp each)
50-65 cut maple logs into shortbows (3500 each) or switch to longbows at 55 (3591xp each)
65-80 cut yew logs into yew shortbows (4725xp each) or switch to longbows at 70 (5250xp each)
80-90 cut magic logs into magic shortbows (5831xp each) or switch to longbows at 85 (6405xp each)
90-99/120 Dragon arrows (15,750xp each) this method is very afk you just need the dragon arrowheads
You can continue with magic longbows until lvl
99+ if you do not have the arrowheads

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