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Buying/Selling Donations Guide

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On Lunaris We have accumulative ranks. Thes ranks are called sponsor and investor. Users buy and sell donations to increase their total spent in lunaris so they can build up to unlock these ranks.

Sponsor is unlocked at 1500 USD 
Investor is unlocked at 2500 USD

We suggest always getting a middle man. A middle man is someone who will hold onto the items until the transaction is complete assuaging no one gets scammed. You may request a Staff member to MM your trade or respected rank players.

Donations are sold in two different ways "give items back" or "to keep".
Give items back means they are buying the donation total they do not want any of the items from the store.
To keep means that a user wants the donation total and they want to keep and chose what items they want off the store. 

Donation Prices 
items give back = 1b per 10$
Items keep = 2.2b per 10$

(prices are subject to change quickly as the market changes and as users overpay) 

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