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Smithing guide

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Welcome to this Smithing guide


This is a simple guide to help you on your way to become a world renowned blacksmith!



Bronze bar = 1 Copper ore + 1 Tin ore

Iron Bar = 1 Iron ore

Steel Bars = 1 Iron ore + 1 Coal ore

Mithril Bar = 1 Mithril ore + 1 Coal ore

Adamant Bar = 1 Adamant ore + 1 Coal ore

Rune Bar = 1 Runite ore + 2 Coal ore

Note that when using a infernal pickaxe, coal must be in the inventory in order for it to proc.
When smithing the bars the amount of xp you get is based on how many bars the item you are making requires. Items that require more bars generally have a higher xp per hour, but the same xp per bar

 Lvl 1 Bronze bars Shop price 400Gp
 Lvl 15 Iron bars Shop price 500gp
Lvl 30 Steel bars Shop price 1000Gp
Lvl 55 Mitril bars Shop price 6000Gp
Lvl 70 Adamant bars shop price 10,000Gp
Lvl 85 Rune Bars 16,800Gp

Good luck on your grind to the max cape!

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