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Herblore Guide.

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Hello and welcome to my guide on potions. For a player new to herblore it can be rather confusing, so i thought I would make a nice little guide.


To start out you're going to need some herbs which you can obtain through various methods such as; farming, pvm, trading players, raids and herb boxes. The best method is through farming as seeds can be bought here.


To begin making potions, you will first need to buy vials of water and mixing ingredients. Luckily however the farmer has a herblore store in which you can buy said ingredients.


Vials of water can be purchased from Packs located here. 


Attack Potion auuzx0.jpg


Guam Leaf + Eye of Newt

Level required: 1
XP granted: 875
Effect: Temporarily raises Attack level by 10% + 3


Antipoison w05o42.jpg


Marrentill + Unicorn Horn Dust

Level required: 5
XP gained: 1330
Effect: Cures poison and provides immunity for 3 minutes


Strength Potion 2ngg0oh.jpg


Tarromin + Limpwurt Root

Level required: 12
XP gained: 1750
Effect: Temporarily raises Strength level by 10% + 3


Restore Potion iom8t2.jpg


Harralander + Red Spiders' Eggs


Level required: 22

XP gained: 2205
Effect: Restores combat-related stats back to normal by 30% of level plus 10


Energy Potion 63rcdu.png


Harralander + Chocolate Dust

Level required:26
XP gained: 2380
Effect: Restores 10% run energy



Defence Potion 15xwxza.jpg


Ranarr Weed + White Berries

Level required: 30
XP gained: 2625
Effect: Temporarily raises Defence level by 10% + 3



Combat Potion 16kygs5.png


Harralander + Goat Horn Dust

Level required: 36
XP gained: 2940
Effect: Effect of both Attack potion and Strength potion


Prayer Potion eqcocg.jpg


Ranarr Weed + Snape Grass

Level required: 38
XP gained: 3080
Effect: Restores 25% of your total Prayer points plus 7



Super Attack Potion 2570egw.jpg


Irit Leaf + Eye of Newt

Level required: 45
XP gained: 3500
Effect: Temporarily increases Attack level by 15% plus 5



Super Antipoison 24dkbgg.jpg


Irit Leaf + Unicorn Horn Dust

Level required: 48
XP gained: 3710
Effect: Cures poison and provides immunity for 6 minutes


Super Energy Potion 27y1fzp.png


Avanto + Mort Myre Fungi

Level required: 52
XP gained: 4130
Effect: Restores 20% run energy



Super Strength Potion 33bkd2b.jpg


Kwuarm + Limpwurt Root

Level required: 55
XP gained: 4375
Effect: Temporarily increases Strength level by 15% plus 5.



Weapon Poison 1z14g3l.png


Kwuarm + Dragon Scale Dust

Level required: 60
XP gained: 4830
Effect: Applies poison on arrows, daggers, spears, hastae, javelins, darts, knives, and bolts. Poison starts at 4 damage for melee weapons and 2 damage for ranged weapons



Super Restore Potion 2eoxhkp.jpg


Snapdragon + Red Spiders' Eggs

Level required: 63
XP gained: 5005
Effect: Restores all stats except hitpoints, including prayer points, by 25% plus 8


Super Defence Potion


Cadantine + White Berries

Level required: 66
XP gained: 5250
Effect: Temporarily increases defence level by 15% plus 5.


Antifire Potion


Lantadyme + Dragon Scale Dust

Level required:69
XP gained:5530
Effect:Provides some resistance to dragons breath, lasts for 6 minutes


Ranging Potion


Dwarf Weed + Wine of Zamorak

Level required: 72
XP gained: 5705
Effect: Temporarily increases Ranged level by +10% plus 4


Magic Potion


Lantadyme + Potato Cactus

Level required: 76
XP gained: 6055
Effect: +4 magic


Saradomin Brew


Toadflax + Crushed Bird's Nest

Level required: 81
XP gained: 6300
Effect: Boosts Defence and Hitpoints but lowers Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged


Extended Antifire Potion


Antifire Potion + Lava Scale Shard

Level required: 84
XP gained: 3850
Effect: Provides some resistance to dragons breath, lasts for 12 minutes


Super Combat Potion


Torstol + Super Atack, Strength and Defence

Level required: 90
XP gained: 5250
Effect: Combines the properties of super attack, super strength and super defence potions all in one





Overload Potion


Super Set+Super Combat+Dwarfweed

Level Required:104
Xp gained:12,250

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bruh soo useiful i always be wasting testing herbs, thanks alot

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