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Nex has Arrived

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Greetings Lunarians!!!

Nex has now been released!!!!

Make sure each member of your group reads this if they plan to survive...



To get to Nex teleport to the GWD KC area & run South, there you will find the Frozen Door where you will gain entrance to the KC room.


Players will have the option of getting the required KC of 10  from the Ancient Warriors (KC LOST IF YOU LEAVE ROOM) or will be able to enter with an Ancient Key (has three uses) which is dropped by each of the GWD bosses! 

Once you have KC/Key & are ready to challenge this magnificent beast click on the  Crevice that appears in the wall to enter the Nex lobby.


Once you're team has gotten the KC be sure to click the  "Frozen Warrior" to load up the Nex guide & to pay respect to the homie Cryptoflexin for making this  DANK Nex map!



It's advised  to use a cbow/shield setup with heavy ranging/tanking armor. An ideal setup for this boss with a team would look something like this.



Once you're team is ready overload up & click "use" on the crevice in the wall. The message below will be displayed.



Boss Mechanics 

Nex has four separate phases, in each of these phases you & your friends must get Nex down 1,000 total health & kill the mob she's calling to begin the next phase.

It is strongly recommended  to NOT bring a mini-me pet into Nex.


Phase #1 

Pray Magic!

- The boss will fly down the middle & deal very high damage to any player in the center / on the flight path make sure to stand out the outskirts of the room attacking from a distance while Nex fly's down the middle. 

- Nex will do an attack that will give a single player *Cough* which will fade after the first phase. Standing close to teammates spreads this *Cough* sickness damaging your teammates.

Once you have gotten Nex down 1,000 health you & your teammates must kill Fumus to advance to the 2nd phase.

Once you have slain Fumus heal up to the best of your abilities & prepare for the next phase.


Phase #2  (Shadow Phase)

Pray Range!

- Nex will begin to throw send shadows out! These shadows go underneath the players, she does this every 5 attacks, standing on top of a shadow will cause you to take a very large amount of damage!

- The further you are away from Nex during this phase the less damage you will take.

- Nex will fly to a random player to attack them with melee during this phase, make sure your health stays high!

Once you  have gotten Nex down 1,000 health you & your teammates must kill Umbra to advance to the 3rd phase (Umbra deals magic damage be mindful of your health while protecting range until  Umbra is dead!)

After you kill Umbra switch to magic prayer!


Phase #3 (Blood Phase)

-Nex will attack players with blood barrage, if you are standing by another player you will both take damage.

-Nex will do a "demand blood sacrifice"  whoever is chosen must run away from her. If you fail to run enough distance, everyone in the room will take damage and lose prayer points. She will heal for damage done to each player during the sacrifice stage.

-Nex will also spawn Bloodvelds, any damage that is dealt to Nex while these are spawned will cause Nex to heal for the amount of damage done.

- Players must prioritize Bloodvelds & kill them as soon as they spawn!

Once you  have gotten Nex down 1,000 health you & your teammates must kill Cruor to advance to the 4th phase!

After you've killed Cruor heal up to the best of your abilities and prepare for the next phase!


Phase #4 (Ice Phase)

-During this phase successful basic attacks from Nex will drain 25% of your prayer points, try keeping your prayer low to offset this effect.

-Ice prison, the player that is the furthest away from Nex will be frozen with Ice Prison, If all players are in same distance away the player with the lowest magic defence is targeted.

- Whoever in the team is targeted by Ice Prison must be broken free by their teammates to escape. Everyone trapped inside will have their  prayer deactivated so you must re-activate it!

-During this phase Nex has the chance to cage herself, if you're within melee distance you can be trapped by this and have to be freed by a teammate.

-Only one player can be targeted by Ice Prison during this phase.

Once you have gotten Nex down 1,000 health you must kill  Glacies to move on to the final phase. Heal up the best you can, this next one is pretty rough.


Final Phase (Zaros Phase)

- Nex will target the furthest player away. Stand within melee distance with the rest of your team is advised.

-Nex prays with melee reflection prayer from ancient prayer books. 

-Nex during this phase will do a total of 3 attacks before rotating prayers.

-Nex prayers rotate between -> Soulsplit -> Reflect Melee -> Repeat


Once you've finished her off, congratulations,  you've won!

If you die inside Nex dungeon while trying to complete her you must either re-gain KC or use a charge off your Ancient Key to re-enter the Nex Lobby to purchase your gear from the Perdu there.


Would like to give a special shoutout to:

Brandon for taking the time to program all of this.

Ray & the Alex who has been working hours on end each day as the Balancing Team to perfect this content for you all.

Cryptoflexin for designing the Nex map from scratch.







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