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Item rarities & new banking system!

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Gear rarity and bank system update!


Greetings  Lunarians!

We have some exciting news to bring to you all today, We are now launching the new item rarity system into the game! With this newly added mechanic to the game you will be able to kill your favorite npc's for a chance to obtain there items but not like you've seen before. They will now be ranked with a rarity ranging between common, uncommon, rare and unique! This means the items will have a range of stats that the item can land on from higher offensive and defensive bonuses! But let it be known, this does not mean a rare is always better than an uncommon version of the item they all have a chance to land on different sets of stats(as shown below with the common and uncommon).



Bank changes!


So with this update you will notice that your bank  looks a bit different. Rest assured we've implemented these changes to give you a better experience! As you will be able to see the normal icons on the bottom of your bank will now be of the left side and now on the bottom you will notice an empty box, this is where you will be removing your items that you obtain during your journey here on Lunaris! The treasures you receive while pvming no matter the difference in rarities will now only take up one bank slot and the selection to choose from will be displayed at the bottom of your bank in the scrollable box. Now you may be asking "What is going on with my current items?" the answer is nothing. Only items that are level 70+ will be assigned rarity and items thats are craftable will be assigned a random rarity upon creation, none of your current items will be given a rarity.



*** Please keep in mind, items placed on your mini me will have no bearing on its preformance in the sense of the new rarity gear, your mini me will hit the same wether or not there is a unique lime whip or a common lime whip on your doll so make sure you're saving the best gear for yourself!        

Also, please note: With the new rarities, there is a chance at uncommon, unique etc whip's and lime whip - which are given boosted stats. So until we fix the rarities enabled in the duel arena, we recommend doing only dds stakes. Since someone can come with an uncommon whip which has increased stats over your regular whip***

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