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In-depth mining guide

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  1. Introducing The Mining Skill
    Basic information
  2. Pickaxes
    How to obtain, with other little information included
  3. Ores
    Type of ores, level requirements, experience rates
  4. Mining Sites
    Locations of where to train Mining
  5. The Pure Essence Mine
    How to obtain pure essence
  6. Extra Features 
    Features that come with the Mining skill; bonus skill, experience boosts, pet
  7. Mining HiScores / Statistics
    Additional information
  8. Mining Mastery
    After achieving level 99
  9. Experience Table


Introducing The Mining Skill




Mining is a very useful, but tedious skill. It allows you to extract ores, pure essence, gems, and other auxiliary resources from rocks located in mines throughout lunaris the main one being the Dwarven Mine. Extracted ores can be smelted into bars and then utilizing the Smithing skill, can be habituated to create weapons, armour and other auxiliary items.


A player gains Mining experience by extracting these ores from their rocks, and as a player's Mining level increases, this allows them to wield better pickaxes, and mine increasingly arduous ores (such as adamantite and runite) that sell for sizably voluminous amounts of coins in the Trading Post. This makes Mining a great money-making skill for those who have the patience and assiduousness to reach those higher levels.







A pickaxe is critical for Mining, because without it you can't mine! Depending on the player's Mining level, this affects the type of pickaxe they can mine with, with the higher leveled pickaxes being more efficacious at Mining, as well as a weapon in their own right. Pickaxes can be bought from Bob, who is located at ::Shops/Edgeville General Store. The highest tiered pickaxe - dragon, is not in Bob's Store, however, it can be bought from other players and from the Trading Post, inside Edgeville bank. 


8RUvNIt.png Iron Pickaxe

Mining Level Required: 1     Wielding Level Required (Attack):

Price In Bob's Store: 245 coins.


UmINEa2.png Mithril Pickaxe

Mining Level Required: 21     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 20

Price In Bob's Store: 2,275 coins.


LW4WrRP.png Adamant Pickaxe

Mining Level Required: 31     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 30

Price In Bob's Store: 5,600 coins.


Bf1Naj9.png Rune Pickaxe

Mining Level Required: 41     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 40

Price In Bob's Store: 56,000 coins.


zrwWJgj.png Dragon Pickaxe

Mining Level Required: 61     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 60 





kR2P0rO.png EPIa71r.png


There are many different types of extractable ores throughout Lunaris, with each one requiring a specific Mining level in order to mine it. Experience is given by successfully extracting an ore from its rock, with the higher leveled ores giving higher experience per ore extracted.


wpREQ8t.png Pure Essence

Mining Level Required: 1

Experience Gained:

jN9nMns.pngDHf2k15.pngvLU3DPO.png: 200     |     Post-99: 97.5, x 28 = 75

Additional Information: Used in Runecrafting to make runes.


KTPo3QB.png Copper Ore and Fv6E9JD.png Tin Ore

Mining Level Required: 1 

Experience Gained:

jN9nMns.pngDHf2k15.pngvLU3DPO.png: 700     |     Post-99: 262.5

Additional Information: Used to make bronze bars for Smithing.


E7XH03C.png Iron Ore

Mining Level Required: 15 

Experience Gained:

jN9nMns.pngDHf2k15.pngvLU3DPO.png: 1,400     |     Post-99: 525

Additional Information: Used to make iron and steel bars for Smithing.


eOQtMMY.png Silver Ore

Mining Level Required: 20

Experience Gained:

jN9nMns.pngDHf2k15.pngvLU3DPO.png: 1,600     |     Post-99: 600

Additional Information: Used in the Crafting skill.


MS47Rh3.png Coal Ore

Mining Level Required: 30

Experience Gained:

jN9nMns.pngDHf2k15.pngvLU3DPO.png: 2,000     |     Post-99: 750

Additional Information: Used in the Smithing skill, utilized in making bars from steel to rune.


r4LSiu7.png Gold Ore

Mining Level Required: 40

Experience Gained:

jN9nMns.pngDHf2k15.pngvLU3DPO.png: 2,600     |     Post-99: 975


2cFiiCR.png Mithril Ore

Mining Level Required: 55

Experience Gained:

jN9nMns.pngDHf2k15.pngvLU3DPO.png: 3,200     |     Post-99: 1,200

Additional Information: Used to make mithril bars for Smithing.


X8LZ1ts.png Adamantite Ore

Mining Level Required: 70

Experience Gained:

jN9nMns.pngDHf2k15.pngvLU3DPO.png: 3,800     |     Post-99: 1,425

Additional Information: Used to make adamant bars for Smithing.


12RtzDy.png Runite Ore

Mining Level Required: 85

Experience Gained:

jN9nMns.pngDHf2k15.pngvLU3DPO.png: 5,000     |     Post-99: 1,875

Additional Information: Used to make rune bars for Smithing.



Mining Sites




There are plenty of mines located throughout Lunaris, with certain ones being preferred over others due to certain factors, such as the ores available and the mine's distance from a bank. Here are the best Mining sites:


The Drawven Mine (Falador Mine)


Low levelled rocks, such as copper, clay and tin rocks are all located south of the main entrance.


The higher level rocks, such as coal, gold, mithril, and adamantite rocks are near the Mining Guild. 2 gold rocks are located to the East of the Mining Guild. 5 coal rocks may be found there also. A bit to the North-West, there are 3 adamantite rocks, 2 mithril rocks, 3 iron rocks, and 3 coal rocks. To the East, there is the Falador entrance. Further North, there are iron, tin, copper and 3 coal rocks.


The very South of The Dwarven Mine is the Mining Guild. You can find 2 runite rocks if you turn East soon as entering the Mining Guild. There is also a bank chest on the far West.


Donator Zone - 1









Extra Features









Obtained through voting pvming crystal keys player , redeeming this book grants you 50% experience boost for 10 min 30 mins or 3hrs and can be stacked with skilling outfits dxp ring and dxp events


Mining Skill Pet / Rock Golem

The Rock Golem is a skilling pet that can be obtained while training Mining. The chances of getting it are dependent on the player's Mining level, and the time it takes to accumulate a resource.





Mining Mastery




When you have reached level 99 in the Mining skill, you can purchase the Mining skill cape and hood for 100,000 coins from the Wise Old Man, who is located in the small house North-West of Edgeville.



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