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Mining guide

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So you want to get 99 mining, do you?
Well good for you. This guide will teach you how to (probably) get the most efficient xp rates.

Starting Out
To begin mining, you first need to acquire some tools. You can purchase basic pickaxes from the first skilling shop north of Edgeville bank.


I would suggest simply buying one of each pickaxe (Iron, Mithril, Adamant, and Rune) since mining advances relatively fast at the starting levels.

Mining Level Requirements for the Pickaxes:
Iron: 1
Mithril: 21
Adamant: 31
Rune: 41
Dragon/Inferno: 61

Although you can buy the first four pickaxes from the skilling store, you will need to obtain the dragon pickaxe by either getting it as a drop from the bosses that drop it, buying it from players, or by opening the crystal chest. If you want to upgrade the dragon pickaxe to an inferno pickaxe, you will have to use a smouldering stone (obtained from killing cerberus or rune dragons) on the pickaxe.
Note: The Inferno Pickaxe Requires You To Have Coal In Order For The 
Special Effect (Smelting Your Ore While You're Mining) To Activate

Mining the Ores
After you buy your tools, you should proceed to the mining teleport on the second page of the skilling teleports.


When you have teleported into the mine, you will immediately notice tin and copper ore to the East and West of the teleport respectively. Mine these until you reach level 15 mining, at which point you should be able to mine iron ore.


You can find three iron ore right under the copper ore rocks


Continue mining the iron ore rocks until you are at least 30 mining. At this point, go South past the door to enter the mining guild and begin to mine coal. I would suggest getting over 30 mining so that the coal rocks will mine faster.

This is most likely the best place to mine coal. Cycle through these four rocks for the best exp.


After you reach at least 55 mining (although I'd advise you to get at least 60 mining), you can mine mithril ore. Proceed East to reach three mithril ore rocks, which you will cycle through until 99 mining for the fastest mining exp.


If you are unable to use a banker pet or unwilling to drop the ores you mine, you can continue south past another set of doors to reach the second area of the mining guild. There is a bank deposit box on the West side with a set of three mithril rocks near it (these rocks are farther spaced than the previously mentioned set.


At level 70 mining, you can begin to mine adamant ore. I would advise to refrain from this until you reach a higher level since adamant ore takes significantly longer to mine than mithril ore and gives barely any more exp. The same goes for when you reach level 85 mining, since that's the requirement to mine runite ore. The Donator Zone has both adamant and runite ores there, although only one of each.
At around level 90 mining, it's a good idea to move on and cycle through the mithril, adamant, and runite ore rocks at the donator zone.


Final Thoughts and Tips


Items that help you achieve 99 mining faster:



  • Mini-Me Pet: Mines a second ore for you when you mine a rock, giving bonus xp as well as an extra ore
  • XP Boosters: Self explanatory. Gives an extra 50% exp as you mine


Keep your ores; you'll need them later for smithing (unless you already have the bars)

A banker pet (requires Donator+ to use) is quite useful since it allows you to instantly bank your ores.

There is a bank deposit box in the mining guild. Continue South through another door then go West to reach it.

If you have or intend on using an infernal pickaxe, remember that the chance of it smelting one of your ores is only 1/3. If you bring too much coal, you will likely end up having to drop some.

Thanks for checking out my guide and good luck on 99 mining!

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