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Vorkath Scythe Guide

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Vorkath is one of the more profitable bosses on Lunaris, with the Ring of Wealth (i) on its drop table among many other valuables.

There are many methods of defeating vorkath-this one is tailored to anyone wishing to use a scythe.

If you would prefer a range setup for vorkath, check out legal loli's range-version here: 


Gear Setup

The best-in-slot gear, if you can afford it, is shown below:


Highlighted items are described more below:

Tanzanite helm / serpentine helm : will prevent vorkath from inflicting venom on you.

Salve amulet (e)/Salve amulet(i): provides increased accuracy and damage against undead monsters

Investor Bracelet: Use a ring of wealth (i) if you have one. Same effects =)

If you're unable to afford some things from the above setup, here is a lower-end gear setup:

You will also need chaosair and earth runes for the minion that vorkath spawns. You can efficiently bring all three of these using a rune pouch =)


Inventory Setup



Anglerfish/combo food : safety net incase you take extra damage.

Extended Antifire potion - necessary to prevent excess damage from vorkath's attacks.

Rune Pouch: Contains runes to castimage.png.f8b89fc60b6cff6216db559736c09800.png Crumble Undead (Earth, Air and Chaos runes)


Getting There

In order to access Vorkath, you will need a Dragon Key. These keys can be obtained by combining 4 separate Dragon Key Pieces.
Upon using the lunar wizard to teleport to vorkath, your key wil be consumed and you'll be left with 3 pieces. Make sure you have sufficient inventory space to hold them!


The Fight

Using a scythe at vorkath is much different than using a ranged weapon. Because of the way his mechanics are on Lunaris, you will need to always be attacking with melee from the north-west corner of vorkath. This can make avoiding certain specials a bit more difficult.
One thing that may help you is to click many times on what you'd like to do-sometimes you may experience dead clicks that will cause your death. Spamming on vorkath to run to him tends to fix the dead clicks experienced.

 Vorkath has a total of 4 regular attacks, which he will randomly cycle through, and 2 special attacks which will occur every 6th attack.
What this means is, vorkath will use 5 auto-attacks, then a special every time. By keeping track of the attack cycles, you can predict when each special occurs.


Special Attacks

Acid Pools

When Vorkath shoots acid out across the landscape, he will begin to throw balls of fire to where you are standing.
In order to avoid being hit, simply avoid the acid by constantly walking until the green splatter has cleared from the map.image.png.4bc23a50ae97ff1e8becb5e6a08de47b.png

Barrage/Minion attack

If you are able to keep yourself close to vorkath when this attack occurs, you will be able to get two hits with your scythe off in quick succession once unfrozen. Watch the full vorkath kill video below if you're not sure what I mean.



Vorkath will do a twist-like animation, shoot a white attack at you and freeze you. He will then spawn a minion.

You will need to quickly go to your mage book, and cast Crumble Undeadimage.png.f8b89fc60b6cff6216db559736c09800.png on the minion.


Other important attacks to watch out for:

Pink Fire

Vorkath will shoot a pink ball of fire at you that drops your prayers. Be sure to re-activate protect magic and piety/turmoil once your prayers drop.

^(stolen from legal's guide :classic_biggrin:)

Orange Fire
When you see an orange fireball, you need to move 2 or more tiles away from where you were previously standing.
This attack has the ability to 1 hit you from very high hitpoints, thus you should keep an eye out for it especially.


Apart from vorkath's special attacks, the fight is rather straight forward. He will use 5 regular attacks before he activates a special, and the specials will always cycle--meaning you won't get two acid pools in a row on the same kill.

Video Example
Below is a quick Vorkath kill using the method described above, including the double-attack after being frozen.

Vorkath Guide

I wish you the best of luck on your Vorkath gains!

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