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legal lolis

in-depth saradomin guide

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                Legal lolis Saradomin Guide
Since the bandos guide did so well I decided to do a full godwars guide.Saradomin is one of the easier bosses of godwars and it's really easy to solo.In this case Saradomin doesn’t have all 3 minions coded and misses one(Bree-Ranger).That minion will not be included in the guide.As always I'll make a table of content for easy navigation through the guide.Sorry for posting all of the 3 guides in the same format but I feel this is easier to understand

Table of content:
        1.General  Knowledge
        2.Going  to Saradomin
        4.Gear and Set up

  1.General Knowledge


1.Commander Zilyana also known as Saradomin is level 596 combat with 255 hp which in alora is protected by 2 minions which are Growler and Starlight.Saradomin’s max hit are 31 with both magic and melee.
2.Growler is a guardian of Commander Zilyana and is a level 139 combat which has a max hit of 16 with magic.
3.Starlight is a guardian of Commander Zilyana and is a level 149 combat which has a max hit of 15 with melee.
4. Bree is the centaur bodyguard of Commander Zilyana, commander of Saradomin's Encampment, along with Growler and Starlight. He uses ranged attacks and has a chance to drop Saradomin sword.  and is combat 146 which has a max hit of 16 with range.

  2.Going to Saradomin

1.Saradomin too is located in the godwars lair which is accessible by using the teleport wizard at Edgville.




1.Using range at Saradomin is really bad as it will constantly hit you 20s through prayer.Melee is much more efficient as you wont get hit as much.
2.Using a Karil's top or some sort of magic negating gear will help since growler still attacks you with mage.
3.You can block starlight with growler and pray mage while not taking damage by starlight.



4.It is very important to stay within the melee range of Commander Zilyana otherwise you will get hit by mage very hard

        4.Gear and Set up



                      Max melee


max range


Inventory set up



Thanks for reading the Saradomin Guide.I hope you enjoyed it and it made your trips much faster/better.Leave me some feedback on how to improve/fix the guide.GL on your loots.

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Actually Zilyana can not mage you unless you are in melee distance! This means that if you run away from her she can not damage you if you keep your distance. I suggest using ranged and running her around the room like you do in OSRS.

I like the guide though!

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