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petition to give pookie knuckles

petition to give pookie knuckles  

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  1. 1. petition to give pookie knuckles

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Thank you all for voting honestly im going to close this vote..

i really do want it.. like really do..love this fuckin thing rofl.. no really no words i can describe other then i want lol..  but as someone who works on this project i know we have loads of things to do vs adding this..

and because its really would be just for me (thats how my idea is pitched) i can understand why it would never be added..

i made this post to mainly get people more talking on the fourms and get some of the staff active here also.. i take this goal as a success.. 
i want to thank all my followers for voting yes.. im counting this as a win for the pooke cult.. 

to those who voted no.. pure shame.. shame on you the record will stand on your vote this day.. just pure shame.. you sinners.... 

with love pookie

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