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Double experience weekends!

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I am excited to announce that the double experience you all love and enjoyed will be making a return! This will help to further your enjoyment and to help you achieve them gainz!


Starting on 6/14/2019 until 6/17/2019 we will have a weekend full of DOUBLE EXPERIENCE on Lunaris!
This will be activated from Friday morning until Sunday night! Extreme gains will be achieved!
Make sure you and your friends take advantage of this sweet opportunity to get one step closer to achieving the Completionist cape!

Keep in mind you can also increase your xp EVEN MORE! This DXP weekend bonus also stacks with your:

XP books (can be obtained from crystal key chest)

skilling outfits (obtained from Twiggy O'korn at home outside bank)

Double XP ring (obtained from Lunaris Warrior or Jewelry boxes)

This will make your base experience


Remember that there is also a vote party buff that also gives you 2x xp! if it lines up on a weekend that is 4x xp and if you have a dxp ring that will raise you to 6x!!!! 

 Make sure your voting to get those buffs rolling!




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