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BASIC zulrah guide

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Hello guys this is my first attempt at a guide so please be nice:classic_happy:

I know its not the best but id figure id put the places you now need to stand since zulrah

Does smoke clouds.

Zulrah currently only has one phase ATM, when it gets updated to more i will

try and update this guide asap. 


My gear -ironman so its not the best.:



Inventory set-up:

Depending on how fast your dishing out dps

3-6 anti-poisons {anti-venoms coming soon}



 Diffrent zulrah rotations. the pink spots are where you should be standing.

Dont forget to kill the mini snake spawns for they will hit big, ring of recoil or ring of suffering helps in this case.





For more zulrah info or more gear layouts you can check out @drrdeath older guide. 


I Hope this guide atleast gives a sense or what to do i dont know why the pictures wont pop up but just click on the links and minimize the rotations link enjoy 🙂





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