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Road to 2b xp

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Well i decided to make this topic to keep track of some of my farming and possibly help others level with ideas and tips.

in order of when i got them.. 
image.png.f96d2ce2c4a8889d288dc75d6891b071.png? no idea when
image.png.3ee49fa3a01a56f99f803da24b1ccb95.png? no idea when
image.png.c32953ea4d80e5b01a7c6891d704785b.png? no idea when
image.png.2408539d3926ab2f01efeca41d7326ce.png ? no idea when
image.png.c6eb86687deb5087371575734e7e5d3c.png? no idea when
image.png.a97effacfaedeb6866e8614cbed65e1e.png 5/?/2019
image.png.d7192da2fa2052cb219707b021a1d53c.png 6/11/2019

image.png.e6f86de9fcebb962a90a45bd80bfef9d.png 6/13/2019




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If you would like to donate skilling items to help me get to 2b pm me ingame or leave me a message in discord Pookie#5156 .
Your name will be placed on this list of what you donated 

Donations received: 
madpking384 50k Pure ess 6/10/2019
halen pure 35k ess 6/10/2019
Sb_spoken:  random assortment of gems totaling 3k 6/11/2019
habahaba 2.3k dragon bones and 2.9k rune bars 6/15/2019

Thank you for your support <3


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Ooofff you are going to make me have to make a trimmed comp cape 😮

No one trains harder than you pookie. It might almost be time for you to make an iron man 😉

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