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Trusted Rank application ign: atem

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In-game name: Atem

Real name: Matthew x.

Age: i am 23 

How long have you played Lunaris: I would say about 1 year(i did take a break for awhile, I had medical issues that needed to be resolved.)

Time zone: I live in Michigan USA.

Time played a day: I play any where from 8 hours - 15 hours a day (depends on the day)

Why should you be chosen for this position?: I believe I should be consider for this position because I am very active in-game, I try to help out as many players as i can. I am very active in help chat and quick to answer any questions that i know the answers to. I want to make Lunaris better then ever. I know I haven't been super active on forums but it is something that i plan to work on. I find that sometimes i will be online when there is no other staff online and i feel i will be suited to help with questions and be able to direct people to staff for staff related issues.

What will you do if you receive this position: I plan to host daily and weekly events for everyone online.  As well as forum events. I believe i will also be able to help with middle man/fight caves/infernal services.

I would love feed back on this post. thank you for your time.

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Lunaris has only been out for a little over a year, not 2 to 3. Might want to change that. You might be thinking about a different game or talking about the previous servers owned by Brandon.  :classic_ninja:

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Hmm, as one of the oldest noobs here i don't recall seeing you on lunaris during the Early days. Either way though, gl with your rank application 🙂

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