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introduction Atem

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  1. What is your name and in game name.: In-game: Atem    IRL: Matthew
  2. How long have you been playing? 1 year
  3. Whats your favorite activity in game to do? I like doing pk bots, bandos, armadyl and zulrah (stupid snake XD)
  4. Age? (If your comfortable giving this out we don't judge) 23
  5. Do you have any ingame pets? If so how many? currently I only have 3
  6. What prestige are you? Do you plan on maxing your prestige? Very close to my first. I do plan to max (Pookie show me the way XD)
  7. How long have you been playing RS? 10+ years
  8. End game goals? End game is become parts of the staff, possibly helping with developing things within this server, Achieving max prestige, getting a cash stack bigger the circles, and being the most help to the server as possible.
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Lunaris has only been out for 1 year and like 2 months. You must be thinking of a different server, so you might want to edit that part out. Posted this on your trusted app as well. 

Regardless, welcome to Lunaris!

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