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Lunaris Exchange

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Hello fellow Lunaris Players,

I had a really good idea that I thought I would share with you today. I call it the Lunaris exchange.

With this new system I would also recommend a new untrablable currency called Lunaris tokens

The concept is quite simple Lunaris tokens can be achieved from the npc lunaris exchange master by completing daily task that refresh every 4 hours. (reward 5-25 lunaris tokens depending on difficulties) 

Another fun way to achieve these tokens is through the exchange shop which refreshes every 2 hours. every two hours the items to be exchanged will be changed. ex. first exchange 73x rune bars, prim boots, and 15m blood money (can only be done once per 2 hour exchange period) doing so will give you 15 Lunaris tokens

The Lunaris token reward shop:

contains brand new untradable items

Examples row i potion (1 does) drinking this will give you the bonus' of the row i for 30 minutes

recoloring of items.

gem bags


and so on


please tell me what you think!

thank you for reading

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I like ur idea much maybe you can go more specific on the rewards because you can buy for example a bonecrusher from the slayer shop very easy.


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This is a really great idea - Needs some more work done with regards to the rewards, but thats what these forum posts are for! Recommend some rewards for this suggestions guys.

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