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SitDown ~pk cc

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The ultimate PvP family

Do you seek the thrill of battle? or it pure bloodlust? Love controlling the wild?

If this is the case this may be your new family. We are a clan of the fiercest fighters of all of lunaris.

We are here to stay and you will never forget Sitdown

So buckledown and get ready for this epic pvp conquest! We are constantly looking for new members.

We will also provide other services, so don't think we are brutes with no heart

we will also provide wild protection. so if you are not pvp inclined there is hope.

Its also a great experience to learn from some of the best!

so what are you waiting for lets get them skulls up!


Do you have what it takes?:

Members will have to be:

fluent in tribrid/hybrid pking (or willing to learn)

great switches

active within clan

willing to improve and test your might

actively looking out for your fellow brethren 


Current members:

Leader: lunariswar

Co-leader: canadianpk

Co-leader: Atem

Member: killmatt47

Member: devln

Member: shuro

Any questions feel free to message lunariswar or canadianpk

Edited by atem
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Welcome Sitdown clan!
I am looking forward to you guys dominating the wilderness.
Goodluck pking and let's hope this will get big ❤️

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This is awesome - Best of luck running the Wilderness.


What is your team's # name???

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