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Lunaris 2.0 - Dev Log - August .18. 2019

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- Completely finished fletching. This should include every single fletchable item on OSRS including things like ogre comp bows and battle staff fletching

- Completely finished all item on item crafting (things that do not require a world object, like a loom)

- Completely finished all potion making. This includes every single potion such as Compost potions and fishing potions. It also includes Barbarian mixes

- Added object skill creation support

- Completely finished pottery crafting. (using the ^ system)
- Finished weaving

- Also finished herb cleaning. This wraps up the entire herblore skill.
- Finished normal fire making. This includes all pyre logs and the ability to light fires with bows. Up next is firelighters and pyre ships 
- Realized there is something called power fire making. Where if you successfully light a log you can quickly light another one without having to crouch down. I just finished that part. I am now trying to do pyre ships but I am not sure where I will find the animations from
- Finished fire lighters. I can not find animations for pyre ships so those will have to wait. Up next is light source creation and then woodcutting
- Finished light source lighting / equipment lighting. This was just the fire making part 
- Finished tree chopping and bird nests. This should include all trees. It might not have since it's difficult to find all tree ids to configure but I guess that can be solved very easily later on if any are reported. Next up is canoes
- Cooking is now all set. Might need to configure some more foods but the infrastructure is there. Even things like pizzas / tuna potatos and what not
- Runecrafting is finished. This includes the ability to craft every rune (multi-runes also), tiara support for entering, rune pouches, and talisman locating

- Smithing and smelting are both complete. This does not include super heating, I will do that when I tackle the magic spell books
- Added mining support. Thus far we have every 'normal' ore working along with amethyst, essence, lovakite. Also added the effect for mining gloves (all 3 types) and the mining skill cape effect. All pickaxes also function along with gilded.

 Added prospecting for the above
- Finished up mining excluding the minigames. The only non mini-game mining aspect I left out was dark essence mining for now

- Realized that OSRS changed all ore ids so I fixed that up. I then changed prospecting to work off of location instead of depleted ore id so that I could reuse the same depleted ore object for different ore types.
- Started on fishing, currently you can fish all 'normal' fish types. I also coded barehanded barbarian fishing. Next up I will finish barbarian fishing with the heavy poles, minnow fishing, and aerial fishing.


- Finished up barbarian fishing with the leaping trout and what not and then started on minnow fishing. I unfortunately ran into a block with minnow fishing that I have yet to solve.

- Got the majority of the actual fishing action for aerial fishing complete. I still need to do the non fishing part though (the shop and getting to the island pretty much). I will do this when I wake up 
- Finished aerial fishing which concludes fishing for now. There are still 2 very small mechanics I will have to come back to when I figure out the issue of teleporting monsters. Once I figure it out these 2 issues will take 25 seconds to fix.

-  Next up is adding a modular system for xp boosting outfits.
- Added support for xp boosting outfits. Mainly did this for angler outfit but will be useful for the rest of the outfits too

- Next up is agility. Things will start to slow down from here until the skills are finished as the complex skills are left to do 
- Finished the gnome agility course. Believe it or not this covers the majority of the fundamental agility system. The only thing now I need is to decide how I want to implement failing on some obstacles and then configure the rest of the obstacles / courses.
- Finished Barbarian agility course. Unfortunately this took me longer than expected because I spent a ton of time trying to design a 'one size fits all' system. I came to the conclusion that each obstacle is just too different and designing a system that can handle all of them without obstacle specific modifications is unreasonable
- Finished wilderness agility course. Next up is the rooftop courses 
- Finished draynor rooftop agility course. Next up is al-kharid
- Finished up Al-kharid rooftop course. This included a nasty hiccup with pathing that took me forever to fix
- Worked more on agility. I am about half way through the Varrock agility course. If you are wondering why the last devlog updates was 10 days ago it's because I was on vacation. I am back now and back to the grind 
- Finished Varrock rooftop agility course. Next up is canafis
- Added the edgeville dungeon monster combat scripts as well as added Obor and the full boss mechanics with instancing
- Finished Falador rooftop agility course
- Finished Seers village rooftop course
- Finished Pollniveach rooftop course
- Finished Rellekka roof top course. One course left 
- Finished Ardougne course 
- Added marks of grace to all of the rooftop courses and added the graceful shop
- Started Fight Caves. Most of it is done but there are some bugs that need to be fixed
- Got runelite setup for development purposes 
- Fight Caves is finished. This includes support for all 63 waves along with all of the small minor mechanics to the monsters. Jad also has functional healers. Support for all 63 waves does not mean we will have all 63 waves. It just means that all 63 waves are functional if we wanted them.
- Normal jewelry crafting is finished. Tomorrow I will do silver jewelry crafting which is handled a bit differently.
- Thieving is partially done. This was by an outside hire developer and he unfortunately could not finish it. I will have to look it over and finish it up at a later date.
- Finished silver jewelry crafting. Next up I will try to look over thieving and finish it up.
- Identified and fixed a core clipping issue that was making the areas of the Barrows minigame (and more than likely other areas) un-walkable. This took me a couple of hours but was definitely something that could not wait.
- Added support for the Lunaris 1.0 npc spawns that the balance team has been working on to 2.0
- Finished up Thieving which includes stealing from stall, chests, pickpocketing, and blackjacking. I have not done any minigames but those will come later separately.
- Bone burying and bones on altar is now functional and a way to train prayer. Ectofuntus is also being developed

- Realized I never made unstrung amulets string able so I also did that
- Started farming, currently I got the majority of the infrastructure converted from the Lunaris farming recode I did a bit ago. Currently raking works but the infrastructure is there for most of everything. All I need to do is add the actions.

- More work on farming. Now I have planting, growing, disease, curing, clearing, and inspecting completed. Next I will configure the different plant types and their small nuances. This will be the lengthiest part because of the nature of farming and all of the smaller special crops.
- Even more work on farming. All normal patch types function and they all can be composted with every type of compost. I started on compost bins and the ability to make compost but I have not finished it.



I do still need to add support for flowers protecting allotments as well
- Continued farming work. Every 'normal' patch now functions properly along with all of their compost bins.

The following patch locations are the 'normal' ones I am speaking about:
*South Fally

I have discovered a small bug with allotments and snape grass. I will need to spend a little time to understand what is happening and try to fix it

- Compost bins are now fully functional with compost potions and volcanic ash upgrading. You can also rot tomatoes with the compost bins

- Finished farming normal trees along with hardwood trees. Next up is fruit trees



I still need to configure a few normal tree patch locations but that is simply entering the coordinates of the other patches

I also noticed a small bug where the trees seem to be growing 2 stages at a time. I think this is due to me setting the growth times super low to test but I will investigate it more tomorrow and fix it.

Lastly I still have to add the ability to pay farmers to protect your crops but since that's multiple different crop types I will do that all at once later.
- Finished fruit trees. This includes every fruit type including dragon fruit. All that is left is hops, bushes, and 'other' patches


- Finished hops farming and berry bush farming. All I have left for farming is to code 'special' patches like cacti patches and spirit tree patches, code paying farmer npcs for protection, and saving / loading all of your patches.
- Added all skill cape emotes. I can not take credit for this as it was another developer 

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