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b54044732d1d3f2d6c1dcae34f1cc475.png          Combat starter guide          b54044732d1d3f2d6c1dcae34f1cc475.png



Here you will find information on how to gather your initial resources, as well as gain your beginner combat levels.

Within this guide, you will be able to gain knowledge about how to start Lunaris and gain your combat related stats, as well as a few tips on the location of useful content.


Lunaris Town Centre




At the centre of this area, you will have access to the main Grand Exchange (Auction House) and Banking area. 

North east of the Grand Exchange, you have the ability to use one of the main teleportation methods within Lunaris, known as the fairy ring. 

In order to fully commence your adventures, we suggest you speak to the Lumbridge Guide. The Lumbridge Guide is found in the building east of Lunaris Town Centre. Speak to him in order to prompt an option to have a tutorial of the lands, of which results in a rewards of a Mystery box + 500k coins. 




Right next to the Lumbridge Guide, you will notice two staircases. Both staircases lead to the same upstairs area.

Within the On this floor, you will have access to the Altar of Occult, of which is used to change your spellbook. In addition, the spinning wheel and Crystal Key chest is found on this floor. The Crystal Key chest is against the eastern wall. 




Back on the main floor of Lunaris Town Centre, you will find a few shops which are surrounding the Town.

These shops grant you accessibility to numerous combat related armours and weapons such as Aubury in the Northern Building who sells runes and magic gear. Zaff will also sell you any staff that you require for magic. 




Next, located in the southern building, you will find the Armour salesmen who offers you range related gear.




Lastly, in the same building but in the opposing room, you will find Peksa, who offers melee related gear.






Now, you may be asking, after you have acquired the gear you need for each combat style, what are the best options with regards to leveling up?

For melee, we recommend a couple places. To start out, you can proceed west of the Lunaris Town Centre, which leads you to the beach.

The beach is past the Port, and provides you the ability to gain some starter melee levels.





After you have gained some combat stats and are ready for the next phase, you can kill moss giants. If you are comfortable with your health and have accumulated some beginner melee stats, this is a great option to continue your melee progress.

These giants can be found by crossing the stepping stones south of the Jungle. This should be an area where you can finish off your beginning melee levels, until you are able to move on to more medium level content around the map. 





As for the medium level combat, there is a certain technique of which will provide very efficient strength and attack experience. This technique is for users who have been able to afford dharok's gear, and have unlocked the Dwarven Rock Cake from Twiggy's achievement store.




Twiggy is located in the park at Lunaris Town Centre, as seen below. 




You can gain access to this area by entering the cave within the volcano. The fight cave minions roaming around are a great way to gain not only attack and strength experience via full Dharok's, but also a great way to pick up Tokkul. Tokkul can be spent in the shop below as well. In addition, if you are lucky enough, certain obsidian armours and weapons can be dropped by the minions as well. Be sure to collect all of your Tokkul!




Alternatively, if you do not have access to higher priced items such as Dharok's yet, or you would like to train defensive experience, gear as such below would work well. 






Moving onto the next portion of this starter guide, we will discuss how to gain your beginning ranging levels.

This one is quite simple, as there is 1 main area of which you would be spending the majority of your time training range. We do recommend that you finish some of the above melee portion, in order to gain some health levels, so that this will be much easier. Yaks are one of the best range training methods.

Yaks are located across the bridge, North of Lunaris Town Centre.







Next, we will cover some maging techniques. In order to train magic, there are many different ways of which are efficient.

To gain some starter levels, we recommend that you use the starter staff on Hill Giants. Hill Giants can be accessed by killing goblins outside of the Edgeville Dungeon.

Below, you will see where it is on the map. You must first acquire a brass key as a result of killing goblins to gain access into the building in order to climb down the stairs to Hill Giants. While killing Hill Giants, don't forget to pick up your big bones, as this will help you with your beginning prayer experience as well. 







After you have gained some magic experience and you have access to more mid tier bolt spells, you can also run west, then directly south from within the Volcano, and you will find Lesser Demons.

These Demons are really good to safespot, as it is a great way to continue training your magic levels.




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