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Prayer Guide

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                Lunaris Prayer Guide          



There are a few useful techniques when training prayer. Once you have acquired the necessary bones you seek, either from collecting big bones from the hill giants, or killing green dragons for dragon bones, you can use such bones on different altars. We have 3 different altars which grant you Prayer experience. These altars include:


         Lunaris Town Centre Altar


         Chaos Altar in Wilderness



The Lunaris Town Centre Altar can be found south of the Town, inside the building of which Father Aereck is situated. This altar has Incense Burners which when lit, yields increased prayer experience. Use a tinderbox and marrentill.




Another method, more dangerous as it may be, is using the Chaos Altar in the wilderness. When using the altar, there is a 50% chance that your bone is not consumed.

In addition, the altar acts as a gilded altar without need to light any burners. This altar can be found by first teleporting to the wilderness using the boat, located near the farming patch north of Yaks.






Proceed to run North West, until you near the KBD lair. Once you are near the lair, run directly west, past Chaos Fanatic, straight to the altar.




Lastly, the Ectofuntus provides a safe, yet efficient method of prayer. The Ectofuntus is located near the swamp area. You can use the trapdoor in order to gather your buckets of the slime.

Back on the main floor, you have your bone grinder available to gather bone meal, as well as the Altar to commence your prayer training.





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