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Crafting Guide

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       Lunaris Crafting Guide 


Welcome to the Crafting Guide! You will be able to refer to this guide in order to effectively and efficiently level up your crafting.


There are multiple methods as to how to gain experience in this skill. These methods are scaled based on their level requirement. They include the following:


- Gem cutting

- Stringing amulets/Spinning Wheel

- Jewelry Crafting 

- Leather Tanning/Leather making

- Battle staves 

- Glassblowing



Gem Cutting




There are many different purchase options with regards to gems. Gems can be purchased from the Gem Trader, located within the Desert Biome as seen below. You can also steal gems from the Gem Stall, located right next to the Gem Trader.







In addition, you can purchase gems at the Tokkul shop within the Fight Caves. Make sure to pick up your Tokkul of which you acquire from Jad, Inferno and the minions outside. You can also steal from the counter within the Fight Caves to acquire additional gems. 






Lastly, gems can be acquired from different NPC's such as Molanisk, Nechryael, Zombie, Lunaris Warrior and more. Search any gem within your drop logs via "Search by item". 



Stringing Amulets/Spinning Wheel


Amulet Stringing yields very good experience. Through the gem cutting methods above, you are able to craft an Amulet (u) with a Ball of Wool (Use Wool on the Spinning Wheel)  in order to achieve experience. This is quite an easy method, as you can follow the steps to gain solid crafting experience, all within a single Gem.


1. Cut the Gem

2. Use Wool on the Spinning wheel upstairs of Lunaris Town Centre

3. String the Amulet (u)





Jewelry Crafting


After you have acquired the gems from the methods listed above in Gem Cutting, you are able to craft these gems into different types of Jewelry. This yields very good experience, and is also used to craft useful jewelry's of which will assist you in your combat training and PVMing.


There are multiple Furnace locations to craft your jewelry, one of which is located within the Desert Biome. 






Leather Tanning/Making


This method can be completed with many different forms of leathers. For example, you can acquire Blue Dragonhide from Blue Dragons, take them to Ellis within the Desert Biome and have it tanned. Make sure to bring coins, as he will charge you per tan. You can then use a needle and thread to craft different forms of armours such as Blue D'hide armours. 







Battle Staves


This next method is not only good for crafting experience, but it also yields solid mage experience and coins. You can purchase Battle Staves from Zaff's shop within Lunaris Town Centre. You can charge unpowered orbs (See below Glassblowing in order to see how to create unpowered orbs) at different Obelisk's around the map.

For example, charge water orbs at the Obelisk west of Lunaris Ports in order to create water orbs, then use the Battle Staves in order to create Water Battlestaff's. You can either choose to keep these staffs, or alch them for very good money. 










This method is probably one of the most effective crafting techniques. Glassblowing does not only yield solid experience, but it is also very afkable. In order to start this method, you need Molten Glass and a Glassblowing pipe. Molten Glass is dropped in noted form from the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil.




In addition, Molten Glass can be acquired by using ash with buckets of sand on a furnace. In order to take advantage of this method, simply acquire your Molten Glass and Glassblowing pipe, then use them on eachother to craft the either a Beer Glass, Candle Lantern, Empty Oil Lamp, Vial, Empty Fishbowl, Unpowered orb, Lantern lens or an Empty light orb.


Each item above has different level requirements to craft. See below for their requirements. 





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