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Hunter Guide

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 Lunaris Hunter Guide 


Welcome to the Hunter Guide. This guide will give you information on the different type of hunting methods, as well as how to properly and efficiently train the skill!

The different hunting techniques included on Lunaris include the following:


- Implings

- Butterflies 

- Birds

- Chinchompas


Many hunting tools can be purchased from the Hunting Expert, located in the Jungle, east of Lunaris Town Centre.







Implings can both be caught with a net, and also barehanded. There are level requirements when catching different types of implings, especially barehanded. You can receive many different types of loots when looting the impling jars, of which can be extremely profitable. 

Implings can be found all over the Lunaris main map. There are however 3 on crash island, of which you can continuously catch in order to level up your hunter. Crash island can be accessed by using the Gnome Glider, east of Lunaris Town Centre. 





The different implings can be found below, along with their level requirement for barehanded catching:




Baby impling.png

  Baby Impling - Hunter level 17 - Barehanded level 27

Young impling.png

Young Impling - Hunter level 22 - Barehanded level 32

Gourmet impling.png

Gourmet Impling - Hunter level 28 - Barehanded level 38

Earth impling.png

Earth Impling - Hunter level 36 - Barehanded level 46

Essence impling.png

Essence Impling - Hunter level 42 - Barehanded level 52

Eclectic impling.png

Eclectic Impling - Hunter level 50 - Barehanded level 60

Nature impling.png

Nature Impling - Hunter level 58 - Barehanded level 68

Magpie impling.png

Magpie Impling - Hunter level 65 - Barehanded level 75

Ninja impling.png

Ninja Impling - Hunter level 74 - Barehanded level 84

Crystal impling.png

Crystal Impling - Hunter level 80 - Barehanded level 90

Dragon impling.png

Dragon Impling - Hunter level 83 - Barehanded level 93

Lucky impling.png

Lucky Impling - Hunter level 89 - Barehanded level 99




In order to catch butterflies, you will require a butterfly net. This can be purchased from the Hunting Expert, of which you can see his location in the map above. 

You can use the Gnome Glider, in order to teleport to  Crash Island and catch butterflies. You will also require a Butterfly jar to successfully use this hunting method. 

You can also release the butterflies for more experience, giving you back the jar, of which you can continue to catch with. This is a very easy and efficient hunting technique. 





Below you will find what is the level requirement for each butterfly.






Birds can be caught by purchasing Bird snares from the Hunting Expert. Below you will find the level requirement to catch each type of bird.




With the hunter level required, you can set up the snare and wait for a bird to approach the trap. If the bird is successfully caught, the snare will trap the bird, and you will have the option to "check" the trap. If not successful, the trap will snap, and you will need to reset it. 

Bird snaring can also be done with multiple traps at once, with the maximum amount of traps, depending on your hunter level. 




You will be able to catch birds in different locations around the Lunaris map. The types of birds located in each area varies.

These locations include the following:


- Jungle

- Frozen Biome (Godwars)

- Desert Biome

- Crash Island

- Ape Toll (Teleport there using the Gnome Glider)






Chins can be caught within the dungeon, of which the Hunting Expert is located. You will be able to catch both red and black chins, of which are located all around the dungeon. You can purchase box traps from the expert, and use them to plant within the dungeon to catch the chins. 

In addition, you can catch chinchompas on the chin hill within the wilderness.

A successful catch will provide the option to check your trap (It will read "Check Shaking Box") . After checking it, you will gain the proper experience, as well as a stacked chinchompa in your inventory. 

The chins are one-handed, multi-targeted and stackable ranged weapons. They require 45 range to wield.

Level Requirements:

Grey Chin: 53 Hunter 

Red Chin: 63 Hunter

Black Chin: 73 Hunter






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