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Herblore Guide

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 Lunaris Herblore Guide 


Welcome to the Herblore Guide! Here you will be able to not only find NPC's of which provide Herblore services and shops, however you will also be able to learn how to effectively and efficiently train this skill.




- Jatix:

Is located just outside of Lunaris Town Centre, next to Lunaris Docs. He provides Herblore secondaries, of which are available for purchase with coins. 






- Primula:

Is located near Nieve's cave, of which also provides Herblore secondaries.  There are a few items you can purchase from Primula, of which you can not purchase from Jatix






- Zahur: 

Is located within the Desert biome, of which can decant your potions and clean herbs for a fee. 






Skill Guide


You can click your Herblore skill, in order to view all potions of which you can create with their level requirement, as well as the secondary and primary resources needed to create the potion. 


Gathering Herbs


In order to effectievly train this skill, you will require the necessary herbs. There are many ways of which provides high volumes of herbs, whether its from a box, an npc, or with the use of farming.


1. Herblore Mystery Box:

This can be retrieved from mystery vote rewards, by selecting the random reward option and having the chance of receiving it, King Sand Crabs, Giant Rock Crabs, or from the starter stash. 






2. Slayer + NPC's: 

Slayer is a great way of retrieving herbs. Using NPC's to gather herbs, is very efficient, as you are completing slayer tasks regardless, and with the combination of purchasing the herb sack from the slayer shops, you will be able to gather high volumes of herbs. There are many NPC's of which slayer masters assign, that provides herbs. These NPC's include, but are not limited to Aberrant Spectres, Nechrayel's, Caves Horrors, Black Demons etc.. You can also search by item in your drop logs, in order to see what NPC's drop the most amount of herbs you are looking for.





3. Farming: 

Farming for your herbs is probably the most effective way to accumulate your herbs. The main reason why, is because you can purchase seeds directly from Fred the Farmer. In addition, you can use Magic Secrateurs to yield more herbs. If you do not wish to purchase the seeds, not only can you get them from NPC's (While also purchasing the seed box from the slayer store), but you can also receive seeds from pick pocketing the Master Farmer. See the Farming Guide for more information on the above techniques. 



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