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Thieving Guide

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Lunaris Thieving Guide


Welcome to the thieving guide! Here, you will be able to understand all the different thieving options Lunaris has to offer, as well as their locations. This guide will cover pickpocketing and stalls.




Lunaris Town Centre Baking Stall -

Requires 1 thieving, provides bread, cake and chocolate cake



Lunaris Town Centre Fur Stall -

Requires 35 thieving, provides fur



Fur Stall, Rellekka Area -

Requires 35 thieving, provides fur


Fish Stall, Rellekka Area -

Requires 42 thieving, provides raw shark, raw lobster, raw tuna, raw manta ray and raw salmon



Desert Silk Stall -

Requires 20 thieving, provides silk


Desert Silver Stall -

Requires 50 thieving, provides silver ore


Desert Gem Stall - 

Requires 75 thieving, provides uncut gems



Fight Caves Shop Counter (Ores) -

Requires 20 thieving, provides various ores


Fight Caves Shop Counter (Gems) -

Requires 75 thieving, provides various uncut gems





Man at Lunaris Town Centre Bridge

Requires 1 thieving, provides 3 coins



Man, Desert Biome

Requires 1 thieving, provides 3 coins



Al Kharid Warrior

Requires 25 thieving, provides 18 coins



Master Gardner

Requires 38 thieving, provides various seeds



Fremenikk Citizens, Relleka Area -

Requires 45 thieving, provides 40 coins



Warrior Women, Lunaris Town Centre -

Requires 25 thieving, provides 18 coins


Paladin, Upstairs Lunaris Town Centre (Building behind safe pvp portal, climb up the stairs)

Requires 70 thieving, provides 80 coins





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