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Ultimate Corporal Beast Guide

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Ultimate Corporal Beast Guide


Inventory set up:


Gear set up for

med lvls:



Usefull things to know/have:

  1. Use Soulsplit and Turmoil/Rigour if you have
  2. Super donator rank to have access to spawn the banker pet
  3. Prestige 5 to make yourselfe overloads
  4. Mini me pet
  5. Bring a cannon with you


::teleport-bossing-second page-corporal beast.

Before you enter the entrance by clicking on it pray all the time mage or if you have soulsplit use that instead of mage pray. If you also have the possebility to use a cannon set it up near the beast. Corporal beast is not really afkable so be focus on your hitpoints 😃

Drop table:


Simulate of 100 kills :


Thanks for reading my Ultimate Corporal Beast guide and enjoy the grind !


Make sure you're looting these extra items you're getting while battling out your favorite mobs and selling it to the general store at home which can be found here at home beside the Grand Exchange Clerk!


You can access this  shop quickly and make fast GP gains by opening your donator panel and spawning the shopper pet to sell all of your treasures you gain along your journey.


Thank you for checking out my guide!

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