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Callisto Guide

Callisto is a level 470 bear located in 42 wilderness.


Callisto uses magic as a primary attack style, but can also damage you using melee.
He has a special attack which will send you back and stun you for a few seconds making you unable to do anything.
I would recommend using range, or melee but be careful with this boss as he's in deep wildy and it's a multi zone,
so don't bring anything you don't want to lose.
5a8913785605338415f12daadb59346a-png.jpg    df758bad8402cc074f294e02fcb07ce8-png.jpg



Possible loot from 100!


Thank you for checking out this guide, I hope it helps you with this boss!


Make sure you're looting these extra items you're getting while battling out your favorite mobs and selling it to the general store at home which can be found here at home beside the Grand Exchange Clerk!


You can access this  shop quickly and make fast GP gains by opening your donator panel and spawning the shopper pet to sell all of your treasures you gain along your journey.


Thank you for checking out my guide!

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