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Scorpia Guide

Scorpia is a level 225 scorpian located in 54 wilderness in a multi-combat zone.
Scorpia is found in a cave north of the teleport spot.
Scorpia is one of the easiest bosses on here as you can afk him granted you pray melee.
Scorpia can venom you so bring an super anti pot or bring an serp helm with you.
Same as callisto, don't bring what you wouldn't mind losing incase you get pk'd or die from scorpia.

I would recommend using melee or range but bringing a spare magic set with barrage for the pkers to try and escape. You can use a master wand if you don't have a kodai and it will still do the trick.

Lootations/loot from 100:


Thank you for looking at my guide!


Make sure you're looting these extra items you're getting while battling out your favorite mobs and selling it to the general store at home which can be found here at home beside the Grand Exchange Clerk!


You can access this  shop quickly and make fast GP gains by opening your donator panel and spawning the shopper pet to sell all of your treasures you gain along your journey.


Thank you for checking out my guide!

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