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sb spoken

Crazy Archaeologist

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Crazy Archaeologist guide



The crazy archaeologist is a level 204 boss located in 24 wilderness.
Once you teleport in, you will be found in a multi combat zone but only a few steps out of it is single.
The crazy archaeologist uses a fire spell most of the time but he may cast an attack that shoots 6 green orbs at you in 3 locations you must move out of the area or you will be hit and take some damage.

I'd recommend something which hits quite quick for this boss, like darts or knifes as he doesn't hit you often so you want quick kills.
Blowpipe is highly recommended if you have one.

b9f290ed56fe63e4f79bac94be879424-png.jpg    c7495446d7807c1eed50952e2aa23467-png.jpg

Lootations/100 simulated kills:


This is a great place for ironmen to come to try to get a rune crossbow.

Thank you for checking out this guide! I hope it helps you out!


Make sure you're looting these extra items you're getting while battling out your favorite mobs and selling it to the general store at home which can be found here at home beside the Grand Exchange Clerk!


You can access this  shop quickly and make fast GP gains by opening your donator panel and spawning the shopper pet to sell all of your treasures you gain along your journey.


Thank you for checking out my guide!

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