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    Thank you for the positive vibes. I was really scared alot of you would not like the choices that were made. Thank you everyone for really understanding. I really do love you all and really do want to see this community grow not just in numbers but in friendships.. dont forget to join us on discord and check out the #dev-log we still posting what we are doing and what not. https://discord.gg/6DjvHgU Current things inside dev log ======= Start of the recode ======= - Completely finished fletching. This should include every single fletchable item on OSRS including things like ogre comp bows and battle staff fletching - Completely finished all item on item crafting (things that do not require a world object, like a loom) - Completely finished all potion making. This includes every single potion such as Compost potions and fishing potions. It also includes Barbarian mixes. - Added object skill creation support - Completely finished pottery crafting. (using the ^ system) - Finished weaving - Also finished herb cleaning. This wraps up the entire herblore skill.
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