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    Hello Lunarians! We finally have a long over-due update on the current process of our revamp. Thank you for standing along side of us and allowing the staff to put time into re-developing and bringing you this project which will be better than ever. To answer all your questions, yes we are still working on Lunaris 2.0, however the staff team has come up with a few ideas with regards to getting the gameplay out to our players sooner. We will be revamping Lunaris 1.0 (The most recent Lunaris everyone has been playing) on the same code base. We will be making certain adjustments, and will be having a full eco-reset. We will have a transfer program for all of you loyal supporters, which will be released shortly. We figured it would be best to get you guys a server that you all have loved to play in the past, so that you can all enjoy the nostalgic Lunaris content. Please note, this is not a re-release of the exact same server. Changes are being made before it is re-released to make it better. This includes, but is not limited to: Changing the home area, certain drop tables, fixing the issues with the existing server and performing an eco-reset, since we believe this is the healthiest option. We would like to keep the classic Lunaris feel you all loved to play. Many players who we have spoken to, whom have played Lunaris in the past, have expressed the fact that they loved how Lunaris was, and miss the tight community it had, as well as its code. This being said, Lunaris 2.0 will still be in development, and will be released. The reason why we are mainly doing this, is because we did not anticipate the high costs of Lunaris 2.0's development process. We will be using the funds generated from Lunaris 1.0, in order to invest into the development of Lunaris 2.0. Now, although 1.0 will be released much sooner, and 2.0 is still in development, we would like to make something clear. We are not planning on shutting down 1.0 once Lunaris 2.0 is finished and ready to release. Ideally, we would like to run both servers at once, and provide our player base with variety. Not only will you be able to enjoy the nostalgic server that you all loved to play, but you will also be able to take advantage of the vast excitement in the OSRS based server (Lunaris 2.0). Lunaris 2.0 is taking a little longer than we expected, which is why we are making this move. We figured it was fair to our loyal supporters to enjoy a server while you wait for the development of 2.0. We want to give the community a fun experience while you wait. Lunaris 2.0 will be re-branded as a different server, and will most likely be re-named. It will however still be under the Lunaris brand, known as Lunaris Entertainment. Please also check the thread below, in order to get a better idea if you haven't already done so, on what Lunaris 2.0 will entail and what our plans are for it's development. We do not have an exact release date yet on Lunaris 1.0, however we are currently working on getting the new home map finished. The process is almost completed, so once that is done, we will provide you with a release date shortly. Most drop tables have been fixed, and once the eco-reset is complete, we will be sure to inform you all. Stay tuned in the discord and on the forums for more information on Lunaris 1.0's release date, as it will be coming very soon! Thank you for your patience and continued support. Regards, Lunaris Staff Team
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