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    Hey everyone! So since we are going to be restarting into Lunaris 1.5. I thought it'd be a good idea to re-introduce myself to everyone that may still be here or is joining for the first time! So hi, I'm Terror. I've been here for a while and had a ton of unique items in-game that were dope and had some crazy stats. But enough about the past - I'm super excited for the launch and I hope everyone else is as giddy as I am. 😄
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    Also definitely going to try to solo later. I have all the gear minus the Armadyl so gonna have to go farm that cockatoo until I get some range gear. >.<
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    This was super helpful Death. Gonna try it on my iron later on today when I get home. I think this should definitely help me get some dope drops. My RNG been on fire lately
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