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    How to Travel around Lunaris This guide will provide all different travel methods, as well as their locations around the map of Lunaris. The first travel method we will cover are fairy rings. Fairy rings are conveniently located in key locations around the map, providing you the ability to effectively travel. You must first acquire a Dramen Staff in order to unlock such method. Alternatively, Super Donator + ranks do not require a staff to teleport via fairy rings. To acquire the Dramen Staff, you can follow the steps below. 1. Teleport to Entrana by using the Ports West of Lunaris Town Centre (Be sure to not equip any armours or weapons so that you can teleport to the island) 2. Once on Entrana Island run west until you see a dungeon sign, and proceed to climb down the stairs 3. Kill the Zombie's located inside the cave in order to acquire a bronze axe 4. Use the axe on the tree in order to receieve the dramen branch 5. Use a knife on the branch There are many fairy rings around the map. One of which is located directly inside the Lunaris Town Centre The next travel method that you can use within Lunaris involves the Gliders. One of which is located east of Lunaris Town Centre, just outside the park. In order to utitlize this travel technique, you will need Travel Passes. These Travel Passes can be purchased at the Town Crier, located in the Desert Biome. There is another Town Crier within Lunaris Town Centre as well. Another travel method you can use is the boat, of which teleports you into 35 wilderness. In addition, you can use the Rug Merchant located in the Desert, of which will teleport you to the Gilder, located very close to Lunaris Town Centre. Next, you can use the broken cart, located north of the volcano. Speak to Hajedy to teleport. You can also use the lever west of Lunaris Town Centre in order to teleport to 51 wilderness. There are also boats within the Rellekka area of which gives you access to numerous locations such as Neitiznot, Jatizso, Lunaris Docks and Port Tyras The Lunaris Docks, located West of Lunaris Town Centre also provide many useful travel options such as Fremennik Docks, Entrana and Pest Control
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