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    Hello my fellow Lunarians! On March 27, 2020 Lunaris will be re-opening its doors to the public. We have some exciting news to share. After a long and over-due process, we have finally been able to relaunch Lunaris. This relaunch has been a result of months of planning, development and implementation. We wanted to make sure that we fixed a lot of the issues that were present, provided a unique and exciting twist, as well as a concept no one has ever seen before within the RSPS community. We are finally ready to release this exciting and new project, while maintaining the nostalgic features of the old game. Why we decided to take a step back... As you all know, we have ran into some issues with regards to the management and balancing of the previous revision. Although Lunaris was a successful server, there were holes that needed to be filled, and unfortunately we had only realized them until it was a little too late. The result of this forced Brandon to pause advertising, take a step back and really understand the issues with the core of Lunaris. We understand the concerns that the community had with the core of the server. The drop tables were not properly set, items were where they shouldn't have been, certain content was skipped, resulting in the ease of accumulation for higher tier weapons and armour. This resulted in an inflation in the economy, then a sudden drop to the value and worth of items. This was a huge issue for us, as players were not being rewarded properly for their efforts. The distribution of wealth was unfair, and players were slowly starting to lose interest. This is why we decided to look back and identify, as well as fix such issues. The balance team had a key impact with regards to looking at the whole system from the ground up, and fixing such holes that were apparent during the time Lunaris was active. We looked at why items had lost value, which systems we had in place that were flawed, which drop tables were in fact ruining the overall experience of the game, and much more. Through the last 6 months, the whole upper level staff team of Lunaris have worked countless hours on developing this new project. The whole team here at Lunaris is extremely passionate about this project, and through the year and a half of which Lunaris was open for, we had not only created an enjoyable server, but we had also created lasting relationships with our players. This is why, instead of packing up and never letting Lunaris see another day, the staff team went hard at work over the last few months, halted advertising, and started from scratch. What happens with my account and donations? We understand that this is a concerning issue. Since Lunaris will be an entirely different game, we have decided for the sake of creating an enjoyable experience, it would be wise to perform a full eco and account reset. Donation ranks will not be kept. There has been a lot of changes as discussed, therefore everyone will be opening a new account from scratch. This is the healthiest option, as the standard of gold and money making processes have all be amended, therefore providing players with their previous stats would not make sense and would not be fair. With regards to donations, that is a similar case as to what was just discussed. Since it is a completely new game, there will also be a full eco reset. With new ways of making money, and the economy being properly balanced, it makes sense to reset the economy. With a fresh start, your experience will be well enjoyed. We know that true Lunarians will understand that this is the best option for the server. In conclusion, ranks, donations and accounts will be reset, including the economy. That being said, previous Sponsors and Investors will be receiving a special reward upon launch. However, if you do have a compelling argument as to why you think your donations should be returned, feel free to reply to this thread laying out your argument, of which will considered. The Relaunch We are going to have a massive relaunch, as we are also investing heavily on advertising, and making sure that with the countless hours of preparation this relaunch has faced, it is warranted by a large player base. From a mixture of old, to new players, Lunaris will be the next big thing within the RSPS community. Never seen before features such as the custom map, new rarity system and more, will be the key aspects of which will differentiate Lunaris from any other server you have played. We can guarantee, that the months of preparation into this launch was well worth the wait. Lunaris is looking forward to seeing both old, and new faces. We can not wait to share this experience with you! Be sure to stay tuned on the forums and the discord for news about some massive giveaways we will be hosting, along with important updates and information. #LunarisHype Yours truly, Lunaris Administration
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    What is your name and in game name. Scott, i will be going by Maple. How long have you been playing? I honestly don`t even know anymore. Whats your favorite activity in game to do? Bank sitting talking to people, just chilling. Age? (If your comfortable giving this out we don't judge) I will be 23 in April. Do you have any ingame pets? If so how many? Sadly relaunch is still 9 days away. What prestige are you? Do you plan on maxing your prestige? Was previously prestige 5. How long have you been playing RS? As far back as i can remember. End game goals? I hope it don`t take to long but i would like to get pk cape, and then Comp cape.
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    oh, I will for a little at least.
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    Glad to have you back bro, looking forward to seeing your gains! Wonder if you will become eco...
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    As someone who had a donator rank because I spent in game gold to buy a scroll for it I am not overly concerned that everything is getting reset ranks included. Just looking forward to something else to do in these trying times.
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