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    Lmfao exactly everything I thought it would be
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    What is your name and in game name. Yo! the name is gambler_101 played lunaris when it was still the 1.0? version XD. So kinda long. still dunno where my veteran rank is... How long have you been playing? As I said kind along 🤔 Dunno tho Whats your favorite activity in game to do? Pvm thingys Age? (If your comfortable giving this out we don't judge) !8 yo male :)) Do you have any ingame pets? If so how many? Ah not yet waiting on the 2.0 version to come back online What prestige are you? Do you plan on maxing your prestige? Yeah probs if there still are prestiges How long have you been playing RS? I mean not that long rs, but rsps I've been playing for a better part of 5 years now End game goals? Max and endgame items on ironman
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    My ingame name was "arthurmorgan" How long? i played lunaris for several months awhile ago It was definitley TOB (my team brought the first Unique scythe ingame) shoutout yopy and roadblock Age: 22 Pets? I dont remember this one exactly 😛 Prestige? i believe i was like 8th prestige when i stopped playing How long have you been playing RS? - 2004/2005 End game goals? Max gear all pets
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    Welcome back brother! Looking forward to seeing you in game.
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    Great vid by Vihtic! 😄
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    Whale cum back
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    Welcome back, cant wait to see you in-game 🙂
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    Welcome back, see you in-game less then a week.
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    Nobody wants items back. We simply want the rank, the rank is the ONLY reaaon i donated. Its not like wed be getting items with rank. Having rank would help us some yeah, but we still have to grind exp and items. Its not a major impsct on eco for hsving a rank with a few benefits, a few people if not given ranks, will donate for them back meaning a influx in donations for ranks back, meaning a infux of items into the eco on release. If we keep our ranks, wed donate a few bucks and bring a few items into the eco, rathed then thousands in new donations. If you refund ranks, there will be less items at the start, but we will have some benefits. At the current state, you guys are willing to lose 10+ $1000+ donators. Those are big supporters, loyal supporters. Some of us have played lunaris for thousands of hours on top of it. We dont care we are losing donations and items, we simply want the rank that we got for having a TOTAL amount donated. We still have donated that TOTAL amount, sure i can understand if ranks were donated for directly, you reset them, but we got our ranks for donating a TOTAL amount, so now how it will be, if you already donated 1000, it costs you a TOTAL of 2000 for that rank rather then 1000 some new guy who donates has to pay, same for 2500. Turns into us having to donate a TOTAL of 5000 instead of a new donator donating 2500. I think instead of doing what you think is best, is you run a poll for keeping donator ranks and see how that goes, we all can only beg so much and explain ourselves before we just say fuck it, not stress about it, and leave Lunaris in the past. Personally as a player of Lunaris that has donated over $1500, played since 2018, and spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in-game, I will not play Lunaris anywhere near the time I used to, being 12 hours a day, if I do not receive my rank back. I do care about items, nor do most of us, but my rank that I got for having a TOTAL donated amount, I very much care about, and the same goes for others.
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    thanks we shall see.. Miss alot of the people here was a good year of my life.. so we shall see..the world is for ever changing. all hail pookie!
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