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    Lunaris Farming Guide Welcome to the Farming Guide! Here you will be able to learn more information regarding patches, farming equipment, techniques and more. The first step in commencing this skill, is purchasing your tools. If possible, we recommend that you gather the necessary achievement points in order to acquire the Farmer's outfit from Twiggy. This will provide boosted experience while training Farming. Twiggy is located east of Lunaris Town Centre Next, you can purchase the tools you require to commence Farming by speaking to Vanessa, who is located North and over the bridge at Lunaris Town Centre. You can also purchase seeds from Fred the Farmer, who is located right next to Vanessa. The farming patch here provides the following: - Flower Patch - Allotment - Herb Patch View Vanessa and Fred's shops below. There are a few patches across the Lunaris main map. The patches can be found below, along with their patch type. Farming Mechanics: Tree Patches - In order to plant a tree seed, simply have a plant pot in your inventory, place the seed inside, water the plant pot and then proceed to plant onto the patch. Compost Bins - You can also utilize the Compost Bin in order to yield more resources while picking your patch. You can view where on the map the bin is located above. Compost also reduces the chance of a farming patch becoming diseased per growth stage by 50%. You can either purchase compost from Vanessa, or create it yourself using the bin. In addition, compost will increase the minimum yield and maximum number of harvests received from allotments, hops and herbs. In order to create your own compost, simply place weeds, sweetcorns, or other farming produces into the compost bin. Proceed to fill your empty buckets with compost from the bin. Once the compost bin is filled, close it and wait until the contents are fermented. Fill your empty buckets with compost once it is finished. Super Compost is a version of compost. This version of compost reduces the chance of a farming patch becoming diseased per growth stage by 6/7. When compared to regular compost, super compost increases the minimum number of herbs picked from your herb patch to 5. In order to create your own compost, simply place watermelons inside the compost bin, close it, and wait until the contents are fermented. You can add volcanic ash to super compost in order to make it into ultra compost. For ultra compost, the minimum number of herbs increases from 5 to 6 when compared to super compost. The overall crop yield is around 20% higher on average. Magic Secateurs - These can be purchased from Twiggy at the Lunaris Town Centre's garden. When equipped, they increase the crop yield of herbs, allotments and hops by 10%. This is extremely useful for your herbs of which are more sought after such as ranarrs, where you are seeking to yield the maximum amount of herbs. Flower Patches - Flower patches are primarily used to protect crops from a disease. A crop in an allotment will not be diseased as long as there are fully grown flowers of the corresponding type in their adjacent flower patch. See below for the type of flower patches, along with their effect. Master Farmer - You can view the Master Farmer's location via the map above with the Lunaris Farming Legend. You can pickpocket him in order to acquire a variety of seed types. Level 38 thieving is required to pickpocket him, and each successful pick yields 1,290 experience.
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    Lunaris Mining Guide Welcome to the Mining guide! Here you will gain more information on key areas to mine, such as the Dwarvern Mine as well as Motherload mining. Dwarven Mine In order to access the Dwarven Mine, you will need to go down the ladder east of the Fairy Ring within Lunaris Town Centre. Once entered, you have many mining options, of which you can take advantage of. These ores range, however does not include Runite Ore. Running South within the mine, will lead you to a doorway. Once entering this doorway, you will have access to a wide range of ores bundled up in an efficient matter. Furthermore, there is another doorway of which leads you to more ores as well as a bank to the West. South of the bank, you will gain access to Amethyst Crystal mining. In addition, when you enter the mine, you can walk east and trade Nurmof to purchase pickaxe's ranging from bronze to rune. Right next to him, you can trade Nulodion for access to Cannon pieces as well as Ammo Mould. Motherload Mine Within the Dwarven Mine above, you can enter a cave, of which will lead you to the Motherload Mine. The Motherload Mine is an extremely efficient and somewhat afkable mining method. The process entails you mining the ore vine on the walls of the mine, of which yields Pay-Dirt. Once your inventory is full, you go to the center where the Water Wheel and Hopper is located. Deposit your Pay-Dirt within the hopper, and collect the results at the Empty Sack. This will not only provide you with an xp drop, but also a variety of ores, of which makes this method very efficient. You are not only mining to receive a single type of ore. You will also have a chance of getting Golden Nuggets. These Nuggets can be used to purchase full prospector, of which provide bonus experience. Trade Prospector Percy for his shop. There is a bank located within this area as well. When the full prospector is equipped, you will receive messages in your chat box that describes what percentage your experience is increased by. Once you have achieved 100 nuggets, you can speak to Prospector Percy and achieve access to the second floor. You will also require 72 mining to unlock this floor. On the second floor contains additional ore veins that are closer to eachother compared to the first floor. The upper level veins disappear 15–27 seconds after they were first mined, rather than having a probability of becoming depleted per ore mined. This creates an even more effective and efficient method of gathering the Pay-Dirt.
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