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    Hey, Figured I'd make a little PVM Log of everything I've done so far on Lunaris across my two main accounts. Hope you guys find this somewhat cool and maybe motivational! Also Figured I'd use Lukas format as I really like the way he did his PVM Log (Link https://lunaris.rs/community/index.php?/forums/topic/1542-lukass-pvm-log/ ) Normal Mode Account Info : IGN : W a r p Rank : Helper / Sponsor Total Level / Current XP : https://gyazo.com/ccb86531528489c03fcc8556e4dbb608 Slayer Task Streak : https://gyazo.com/447cf846597d8089ea4296fc0b5624dd NPC Kc / Boss Drops as of 5/19/2020 (:
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