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  1. Some of these should already be fixed but thank you for the list. Also the bracelet does grab ether
  2. I believe number 4 is you failing to light the logs. Correct me if I am wrong though 🙂 Thanks for the list btw!
  3. Thank you! This will help take some load off of the staff members.
  4. Thank you for applying! Someone will review your application and respond shortly!
  5. Thank you for your application! Someone will review it and get back to you as soon as possible. 🙂
  6. Welcome to Lunaris, I hope you enjoy the game! If you are an experienced programmer and have any desire to contribute to Lunaris feel free to DM me 🙂
  7. Great guide, we needed this. A ton of people are confused when it comes to Agility because of where it's located.
  8. That's not a bad idea however we do not currently offer HCIM because we are afraid people will die and blame it on lag and then expect their status to be returned.
  9. Glad you solved it. For anyone else wondering there is a setting in your extra settings menu to enable or disable Ctrl Zooming.
  10. Please upload them man, I would love to see them! Thank you for supporting Lunaris by helping promote the server.
  11. Welcome to Lunaris, I have seen you in-game. What do you fish? @elite is also an avid fisherman
  12. Welcome back Robb, I remember you from before 🙂
  13. We do not have plans to add a generic teleport interface or anything but we do offer a ton of alternative teleporting such as jewelry and fairy rings. We are also adding more in the future.
  14. Nice guide, thank you for the contribution!
  15. Brandon

    Pet Vanishing

    You are correct sir, thank you for reporting this issue. I have identified the bug and fixed it for next update.