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  1. yeah this would be really useful , keeping everyone up to speed with new updates and news as a whole. 👍
  2. What a neat suggestion! I really like this idea , it would have a slayer task quest feel and the rewards are pretty cool to. The Abyssal Pouches would be so nice. Great presentation and Thanks for sharing!
  3. Welcome to Lunaris luntrix!
  4. Alex

    Some work

    Dam those are sick. i really like the Lunaris banner one!
  5. Cool series I'd like to see your loot from zulrah if you'd get time for it. Even vorkath would be dope.
  6. Alex

    Zulrah Guide

    Hey. thanks you recommending range, it worked well with just he budget setup of black dhide and rcbow.
  7. Alex

    PvP Equipment!

    Can't wait to get pk with a vls the thing is a beast
  8. Hi Everyone, I'd like the introduce my self to the Lunaris community with some stuff about who i am. My in game name is B00m, the real name is Alex and i'm 23 years old. I from Michigan and enjoy the outdoors , fishing , hunting, camping, etc. I do a lil bit of amateur astronomy for fun and take some photos of it. I've play Lunaris for a few months now and enjoy it and looking forward to meeting some of you! If you need anything feel free to contact me on Discord or in game. Clear skies to you.