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  1. yh that should be buffed aswell, but what im saying is like the droprate, the chance of those master key teleports dropping is very small, if we were going to implement those teleports, they should buff the droprate.
  2. some solid idea's, but then there should be a shop like blood money shop that would sell those teleport scrolls because of right now, cerberes barely drops it .
  3. hey guy's i made this post because i think there should be some changes made to the current teleporting system. and the reason i think that is because when ur skilling like farming or if u are pvming in instanced rooms like cerberus, everytime u finish picking the herb or killing the monster u need to teleport to home each time and talk to the teleport wizard or type ::teleport every few seconds which isnt very efficient. i think there should be made a mix between the old teleporting system and the current one to maybe make a way that would make it easier to teleport to those destinations. if u Guy's would have an idea of how to make this better, feel free to just post in comments kind regards Brutaltanks
  4. nice looking account there man 🙂
  5. goodluck with all ur achievements man, hope u will be able to finish all of those 🙂
  6. thanks for everything man, u truly were the best and i'll never forget you 🙂
  7. support this idea!, 10/10 would play this minigame
  8. would be dope af tbh, but idd overpowered unfortunatly 😞
  9. Brutaltanks

    PvP Equipment!

    better get them gains bois
  10. best server ever <3, cant imagine playing something else