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  1. Like i've said before, you are one of the best staff members i've ever encountered on any rsps. Will miss you bro hope you can get right in the head or whatever you're dealing with. Thanks for all that you have done for the server bud.
  2. Dead

    Our current situation

    Woah didn't see this one coming O.o will definitely be missed
  3. Pls take corey off the highscores k thanks
  4. Dead


    YEET i am
  5. Hmmmm would be very interesting to see this, It'd be a nice counter to all the blood money coming into the game. I think it's a pretty good idea dood.
  6. Dead

    Das cool

    Aye gz dude, i still need that pet 😧
  7. Another nicely formatted suggestion, would be pretty cool to see this, or something like this.
  8. i agree, it should keep charges on death if it's protected
  9. Welcome ma guy, that profile picture is dank
  10. There's a bug that makes hulk vanish in raids 2 if everyone is spam eatting brews pls fix happened to me like 5 times so far
  11. Definitely skilling supplies. Would make the less killed bosses more active.
  12. best hockey team by far Las Angeles Lakers
  13. Wow hands down best introduction i've read.