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  1. I've never really seen this much dedication ever put into an RSPS before, as most owners simply abandon their servers when they can't maintain a good player count anymore. I've seen many of my favorite private servers shut down in a manner similar to the one i described. I'm glad to see that you care so much as to dedicate so many resources into the game, and I will definitely return to Lunaris after the relaunch (Hopefully with an entire economy reset, as the economy right now is an absolute joke). One thing I suggest that I have mentioned many times before is implementing more custom bosses or encounters. Though I never did it, Raids 2 was a unique experience that required high skilling levels and PVM skills. I know that coding things like that take a lot of time, but if you could make more smooth running multi layered encounters like that on the new relaunch, it would definitely be something to look forward to. This doesn't mean it has to be entirely PVM based either. You could do Minigames like stealing creation on runescape with EXP rewards. Either way, i'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the future, but for now, i'm just gonna slip almost out of existence...
  2. Hmm, as one of the oldest noobs here i don't recall seeing you on lunaris during the Early days. Either way though, gl with your rank application 🙂
  3. So we didn't reach top 15 on Runelocus... Sad as that may be.. I'll still be giving away the entire Goodiebag + More that i posted on this thread: The Giveaway will be on June 30th at around 18:00 or 19:00 GMT (2:00 or 3:00 PM Eastern U.S. Timezone) The Giveaway Size has INCREASED SUBSTANTIALLY since the last update I did on the Thread There will be 50 OR MORE items being given in several events including -Trivia -Hns -Scavenger Hunt Although I didn't add up the total value of the giveaway, be reassured knowing it's gonna be HUGE
  4. solarium

    Our current situation

    Rest in peace Justin. I know for sure that you'll do an outstanding job filling in for him though Yaz 🙂
  5. OOOO YESS, THE DIVINE SPIRIT SHIELD AND THE KORASI'S (too bad korasi's is only from the caskets 😢 ) Ty for the updates though, hope to see another custom boss soon that drops the korasi's normally
  6. Sad that you didn't mention me, but nonetheless, gonna miss you. 30 years is a hella long time, i wish you the best of luck and wish to say ty for playing Lunaris, the #1 rsps 😭
  7. Mm, sounds like a saucy event. I seen it done before and it's hella fun! Good thinking SB 😄
  8. Great updates as usual from the developer team, updates that actually pay heed to the community as a whole! Thanks for all of your hard work
  9. This is one of the best ideas i've seen, developers should definitely consider adding slayer challenge scrolls, and maybe improve the loot table a bit. After all, i'm still waiting for the boss that drops the korasi's sword 👀
  10. Pog Champ, now i won't have to drink 2 whole antipoison potions while fighting vorkath! Different note though, good work Devs, lots of good updates keep on getting churned out. It's always sad to log on and look at the number of active players though, server definitely deserves more attention than it's getting
  11. Hey Lunaris Forums people, solarium here. I thought i'd go ahead and make a promotion for voting since we seem to be lagging behind. If we reach top 15 on runelocus by the end of the month, then i'll give away everything in the screenshot i have (+ more of my vorkath loot which may include a ring of wealth (i) if i get one), but THIS GIVEAWAY WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF WE REACH TOP 15 ON RUNELOCUS (Yes shameless promotion, i know, sue me) But i hope that we can make it happen, I believe in y'all! (To clarify, i'll be giving away all my rare and very rare vorkath drops in the goodiebag that i get from this entire month) (Also this is an image of the goodiebag currently described, will update whenever possible)
  12. My fashionscape entry (I was torn between this and my sexy pink male stripper outfit, but this one won out in the end 😢 )
  13. For those of you who don't know me, I used to be very active back almost a month after Lunaris just started. I used to grind all day, gamble a lot, and made absolute bank then lost it all. Me and a former staff member g0d used to run a pking clan that essentially was #CH back then but a lot less toxic. After a while we both nearly quit, just logging on and off to claim our votes that resulted from the voting competition that Justin hosts. Now, I log in every now and then to do some PvM and a few giveaways with my earnings. Lunaris has definitely grown a lot since i first played, as I remember when i quit we were struggling to reach 25 players online every day. Now lunaris has grown a lot and i'll be expecting it to grow even more, but i'll just be watching from the back stage 🙂
  14. Ty for all the hard work! With inferno already released, i can't wait to see what's coming next 😮