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  1. 1. Have you played the previous revision of Lunaris? If so, for how long. No 2. Please describe your knowledge on the mechanics of OSRS, and your experience with it. very in depth knowledge of OSRS mechanics, I've played osrs since release and have done everything except TOB and Inferno 3. Have you been a beta tester on a server, or have owned/been on a upper-level staff management team before? If so, please list qualifications. no, i'm new to the private server scene 4. Are you willing to provide constructive feedback, or report any issues or bugs throughout the process of this beta testing period? yes 5. How often would you be able to log onto the beta world everyday? How long per day? probably every day for several hours 6. Would you be willing to work alongside the balance team in order to provide insight, and help in the final development process of Lunaris? of course.