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  1. Man i wish i had all them xp boosters while i'm maxing out! But anyways good stuff & keep up the amazing work!
  2. Tell us a bit about yourself Hi! i'm Zaerose but in-game i go by "zae" i'm from Florida i'm 20 years old & love to grind out some xp & interact with the community as much as i possibly can. What made you interested in applying for this player rank? Well with my sleep schedule i'm on sometimes staff aren't online & this isn't that common i'd definitely say staff is on a lot! but when there not i try & help out to the best of my knowledge, and i think having this rank would show players that i can actually be trust worthy & not just joking or trying to troll them about a legit question they may ask. Do you feel you have impacted the Lunaris community in a positive way? If so, please explain how. Yes indeed i do feel that way, back than on Lunaris in 2018 later through that year iv'e mad so much content for the server & had a nice following with the community hosting give aways & such, but not only that i was actually helper... yes i went from just a normal "rsps youtuber" to a die hard lunaris player, but besides rambling on, i do feel as iv'e impacted the community in a positive way with showing respect to all member & showing that we care. How long have you been a part of the Lunaris community? I don't know exactly that date but i would say mid 2018, i know for fact 2018 but not the day or month my apologies for that. Do you have any vouches from other players? If so, please provide In-game names. Trusted rank members and above recommended 🙂 Well definitely two people come to mind that i think would some what back me up. - Yaz - Precused What do you believe are the main responsibilities of this position? Well in this certain position i'd have to go with just helping everyone with questions & telling someone the rules if asked, basically with this rank you are a in-game guide for new players an want to guide them as much as you can to give them the best rsps experience they've had. Please explain why you would be the best fit to carry out these responsibilities. Well with me i think i'd be fit for this position because i know how Yaz & Brandon work and i know there expectations with someone that's new with a rank also iv'e been stalking guides on forums checking out locations of the custom home so i can tell players were they location is they might be seeking for & also slayer dungeons an were slayer monsters are located for there task, but these are just some reason i think i can hold onto this postions. How often do you play? Hours per day / days per week. as of now a decent amount because of trying to hurry & max, so as of now i'd go with about 6 - 8 hours a day.. yeah i know i'm a nerd 😞 but if i get back on a regular schedule i'd go with 3 - 4 hours a day, but it always varies. Have you had any previous experience with regards to being a trusted/respected member on a previous server (Or if you have been a staff member before) Yes as iv'e talked about before i was actually helper on this server, i wasn't helper for to long because of personal issues but that's all over with & i'm ready to come back strong an help keep this amazing built community together!! Would you be willing to be a MiddleMan for Dicing, Flower Poker and High Risk fights? Oh yes of course i would no matter what i'd be doing in game i'd head straight to the two players an handle that, because personally iv'e been scammed & wished i would of waited for a MM How familiar are you with the Lunaris content? (ex: Prices of weapons, teleportation locations, skilling supplies required for different skills etc…) Prices no to good because of fresh ECO, teleports pretty good. skilling supplies definitely have that down packed, most skill so far i can guide a player to 99 & recommend the best route. Feel free to list any other comments or additions below that will help us to generate a decision. Nothing to much just no hard feelings if i don't get accepted for this rank i will still be grinding! - Zae
  3. Good guide! keep up the amazing work & the grind! +1
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