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  1. The picture is correct, as they haven't changed it recently in OSRS that I know of. You would just have to use the link above and create the areas by using the rectangular tool.
  2. The map with the red overlays is 100% accurate, unless it was recently changed in OSRS. The multi-combat lines are fairly accurate on Lunaris as well, from what I remember. I actually checked into this before when #Ch was still around, since I was going to suggest additional areas that could be multi-combat. I'll see if I still got the picture on my computer after work. Edit: Don't have it anymore lol.
  3. Fight Caves Difficulty level: 2 out of 5 Length: 10 to 15 minutes. Items kept on death: Yes, it is a safe mini-game. Equipment & Inventory setups The most viable and recommended setup is ranged. Magic can also be effective if using the Sanguinesti staff, otherwise it is slower than range and can be more expensive due to the runes. Melee isn't recommended as it's slower and TzTok-Jad will also use his melee attack. ** If you got a Blowpipe, Scythe of Vitur and/or Mini-me, use them as itll speed the process up immensely ** *** You can also use the Void Knight equipment, if you have it. All other equipment should remain the same *** Monsters Tz-Kih is level 22 and has 10 hitpoints. They attack using melee. These monsters will deal very low damage and are not very accurate, so they shouldn't be a threat at all. Tz-Kek is level 45 and has 20 hitpoints. Upon killing these, they will split into 2 and change colour but will only be level 22 with 10 hitpoints. Both forms attack using melee, dealing very low damage and not very accurate. Yt-MejKot is level 180 and has 80 hitpoints. It will attack using melee. These are much more accurate than the monsters above but still hits low damage. TzTok-Jad is level 702 and has 255 hitpoints. It is the strongest monster within the mini-game and is capable of hitting 95 or higher, so always make sure to put on the right protection prayer. Magic: Jad will stand on his back legs and lean back before sending a fireball at you. Range: Jad will stomp on the ground and will cause a meteor to fall on you. Melee: Jad will thrust forward and headbutt you. You will not have to worry about this attack if you are not in Jad's attacking distance. Waves There are currently 15 waves in the Fight Caves mini-game, which takes place in the map above. It is recommended to use Protect from Melee from wave 1 to 14, as all the monsters up to that point will use melee attacks only. It is then recommended to turn on Protect from Range (if using Ranged or Magic setups) or Protect from Magic (if using Melee setups) AND eat an Anglerfish before starting wave 15. This will help to make sure you survive the first few attacks if you can't find TzTok-Jad immediately. Additionally if using any melee setups, be prepared to keep Protect from Melee up at all times and prayer flick between Protect from Magic or Range. The 15 waves would consist of: Wave 1: x2 Tz-Kih Wave 2: Tz-Kek Wave 3: Tz-Kih and Tz-Kek Wave 4: x2 Tz-Kih and Tz-Kek Wave 5: x2 Tz-Kek Wave 6: Tz-Kih Wave 7: x2 Tz-Kih Wave 8: x3 Tz-Kih Wave 9: Tz-Kih and Tz-Kek Wave 10: x2 Tz-Kih Wave 11: Tz-Kih and Yt-MejKot Wave 12: x2 Tz-Kih and Yt-MejKot Wave 13: x2 Yt-MejKot Wave 14: Tz-Kih, Tz-Kek and x2 Yt-MejKot Wave 15: TzTok-Jad Rewards Upon successfully completing the Fight Caves, the player will be rewarded with the Fire Cape and Tokkul (various amounts). Alternatively, you can exchange your Fire cape at the TzHaar-Mej-Kah located right outside the entrance. Doing so will give you a chance to obtain the TzRek-Jad pet
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