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  1. Lunaris has only been out for 1 year and like 2 months. You must be thinking of a different server, so you might want to edit that part out. Posted this on your trusted app as well. Regardless, welcome to Lunaris!
  2. Lunaris has only been out for a little over a year, not 2 to 3. Might want to change that. You might be thinking about a different game or talking about the previous servers owned by Brandon.
  3. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to help make Lunaris what it is today. We are very appreciative for everything you have done for our community and how you strived to make Lunaris successful. Hopefully everything works out for you and best of luck on any future endeavors!
  4. I would certainly hope so. To me, it makes training skills alot more fun and would encourage me to prestige even more. Also, it allows the players to be more "skillful" in regards to their skills. Thank you for your comment! That's definitely my intentions. Thank you for your input! For the most part, they still function as the normal and original counterparts. Some have slightly different but logical changes. It 100% doesn't have to reflect OSRS, in my opinion. Though, I personally would prefer customized implementations for things like this. New mechanics are fun to learn, adds new rewarding ways to train certain skills and makes your skills more... skillful, if that makes sense. Honestly, I enjoyed them and they were fun little activities to do. I remember the wide variety of them, which actually encouraged me to train more often. I've been at P3 for a long time and have played for longer than a year. I don't feel it's truly worth prestiging and I get very bored while training skills. That's when I thought of this idea and it definitely would help me to want to prestige and train more often.
  5. The new combat mechanics for Slayer monsters and regular monsters is definitely the best updates here. I also like the fact that dungeons will be accessible thru the normal entrances. The only thing I didn't like about this update was the Korasi Sword being added to the wildy casket.
  6. I was only being sarcastic about removing Turmoil. It's a decent addition that is rather great to see, but it's overpowered because Magic and Ranged have no alternatives to counter Turmoil, as well as melee being the meta since the most commonly used items have custom stats on Lunaris (Rapier and Scythe). Augury and Rigour are alternatives to Piety. If it's ever removed, you could refund players who purchased it and used it from the ::store by giving credits or a form of reimbursement. I'm not sure about the in-game drop from Hulk though, since the players who killed it before and got it as a drop (mainly #Ch) don't play anymore and it'll be harder to track that down. Also, I'm not sure if anyone actually has the requirements to unlock it via Hulk.
  7. Prefer it too be challenging as opposed to being overpowered. Understand that it's designed to prevent players from multi-logging, afking or autoclicking but it isn't necessary to make it's attacks 1 hit players. 10 to 20 minutes is way too often, in my opinion. Something of this caliber, that has the potential to generate lots of cash/items, should have a longer cooldown. Plus, you have to think about the future, as 10/20 minutes would interfere with holiday events, if following the same concept as the previous ones. It seems Galvek is just made to be a "world boss" monster. I also used Galvek as a concept for my world boss idea, although I created it back in December and never got around to posting it though but did share it with a few people on Discord. However, my version has interchangeable forms based on the time of day, would be 3 different forms available and scales it's combat stats.
  8. Well, that's a shame. When I suggested the prayers before, apparently they were going to be discussed and was added to some list/Trello. Turmoil should be removed if those prayers aren't being considered, as it increases your DPS greatly and is even more powerful than Anguish and Torment in many, many combat situations. I have it unlocked so definitely not being biased.
  9. That's similar to how the past holiday events were. It's a nice concept in theory but doesn't work out beneficially. People camped those events with multiple accounts and presumably some people used autoclickers, since you would auto-retaliate and the loot drops under you so you could keep your cursor in one spot. In OSRS, yes. But on Lunaris, it would fit perfectly. We have Nex equipment and PvP equipment, as well as the Korasi and Divine spirit shield. We also have the Ghrazi rapier and Scythe of Vitur, which have higher stats than they normally should have. It's supposed to be dominant, especially lore-wise. So it makes sense in that aspect. What if the requirements to obtain it was rather challenging? I'm not talking about the requirements to make it (not a fan of hiding PvP-focused content behind the prestige system), rather the items to create it. For example, it would require Orb of Armadyl (100 to 200 Shards of Armadyl would be required to create it) and Uncharged Battlestaff. Each of these items would be dropped by different but related monsters, which could by Glacors and Ice demons.
  10. Gano is definitely too overpowered but Armadyl Battlestaff isn't. It could be changed slightly to prevent it from becoming the meta, but enough to make it worthwhile.
  11. 100% agree with it being a terrible idea adding them to mystery boxes initially. They should have waited until the content was available to add the Korasi or Ring of Vigour. I'll personally wait until they are available in-game to consider trying to go for the Korasi or ring. Additionally, I posted a suggestion regarding Pest Control, the Pest Queen (Penance Queen is from Barbarian Assault) and the Korasi. It had positive feedback and even Justin advised people to check it out. Personally, I would prefer the Pest Queen over Skotizo since Skotizo can be used for different content related to the Catacombs of Kourend or Stronghold of Security. Anguish and Turmoil are apparently on the list of potential suggestions to be considered. I suggested it before as a drop from Nex, since she has lackluster drops... but I'm not sure if it's truly going to be considered or added. Also, the Decaying Avatar is from the quest related to Nomad. Avatar of Creation and Destruction are from the Soul Wars mini-game.
  12. Add Gano and Armadyl Battlestaff. Then I'll support you more and more.
  13. I've noticed that the Wilderness is getting lots of monsters. This will be amazing now for my Wilderness-only account. Personally, I think it would be amazing if the entrances worked too. Traveling to these areas are very enjoyable in OSRS and even RS3 so I feel it would be a perfect addition. Perhaps the Slayer task teleport could also be moved to the Slayer ring (8)? Gives the ring more usage and makes the reward more useful.