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  1. Would be fun tbh and it would bring mage back to the server But it should get more drops and it should cost more to get to it as it would take money out of the eco in my mind. more experienced people could say their opinion too. Also I'm not good at coding, but sounds like a good bunch of work XD Edit: Also the "magical stone" thingy should be rare if not even very rare drop as everyone would just have korasi.
  2. Welcome! Weird to see people actually using forums tbh XD
  3. Would you guys like to see some sort of newspaper every month or so where I could interview more or not so popular people from the server and give small updates on the game and all?
  4. Thanks for everything man! Still can remember the days I looked up to everyone XD You, Justin, Gin... Sad to see you go, but I understand where you are at life atm ;(( We'll keep strong and keep on! we'll see you on the top! 💪 I'll try to remember what to post and what not to the facebook group as a parting gift to you ;D Keep strong brother 💪💪
  5. Sexy rewards! I'll def be attending and getting the no. 1 spot!
  6. ;D <33 Was playing my on duo ironman for couple of days! Now going stronk! 👌💪
  7. Yo I played like about 3-6 months ago. Quit coz got cleaned for my almost whole bank (no it wasen't something like 100m-1b. Lost scyhte/t bow all those juicy items full torva "still hurts ;c) So now im back to take your money ;)) see ya around yes I spend under 5 mins writing this
  8. I'll Be joining on my Ironman account! Ign - Ironbrother