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  1. It feels great to see this server come back to life. I loved the close-knit non-toxic community that this server had. Daily events like hide and seek, quizzes and masses helped to break the monotony of the grind and made it truly enjoyable to be online. I really hope to see old familiar faces along with an influx of new excited players. I have tried almost every popular RSPS and failed to find a community like Lunaris anywhere else. Somehow this server always felt like home. Can't wait for 27th March :) I agree with others on keeping the rank issue. We had a "vote for donator" system which made donating balanced and not too overpowered. I understand that constant monetary inputs are necessary to keep any server running, therefore, you need to keep thing balanced. I also agree with biotech that it will be unfair if no incentive is provided to the old donators. As we were allowed to buy scrolls using in-game cash for donations (I got the 20$ one), you can maybe have a cap, say 50$ or 100$ and above for the rank. The other option is to check the proof of payment for the same. I hope to see you all on 27th :) Cheers
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