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  1. To whom read this, Please see attached Bugs and Suggestions. Bugs: -the simulation does not show drops for all revs available -amulet of avarancie doesn't keep you skulled or items noted @ revs -full-size screen does not display wildy level -no way to be able to exit pest control when 4 people start game. Have to wait for game to end. -D spear spec dont work -bracelet doesnt pick up ether -Rev weapons do not hit like in osrs need to hit harder. -Darklight does not work on rev deamon -callisto drops do not show simulation of vesta Suggestion: -skull: make last longer -make map more friendly - zoom out by scrolling -ring of wealth to pic up coins -wilderness event Cheers, Wilderness
  2. To Whom Reads This, I am just typing up what my clan wants me to let you guys know. I hope this helps you guys 🙂 -Bugs -Craws bow - You cannot equip ether to it and use it. -Stamina Potions - Do not work -If open youtube crate while being attacked account will be frozen/item won't go into your inventory. -Fix right-click examine drop table / certain items not showing on a drop table. -Fix when killing someone in untradeable when they die their items spawn. -Loot cant be picked up sometimes in rev caves - Dragon Dagger hit less than myth skimmy - Blood Money Store -D Claws lost on death ( Value might be wrong ) - Suggestion -Add Tele Wizard for bosses out of 40 members in clan 38 said they agree. ( If fix loot table this will make the wilderness more active as players don't know certain bosses and what they drop (example vesta) -Increase the rate of supply shops or have more shops that sell range stuff or mage stuff. -Change bankers grey not all purple like GE Very confusing. -Preset classes would be nice if included mage book swap. -Improve donator zone for anyone above reg donator (shops) -Pest Control 2x Point Event -An easier way for Pkers to obtain untradable ( Dragon Defender, Fire cape, Torso, Void, ) Increase Rev Drops for weapons* all the Statues drops are fine. Being able to Fast, Forward, Tutorial. When at 30 wild fix to where you can right-click edgeville , karamja , or others on glory instead of operate and then click. Praise- The switches in PVP run very smooth so congrats on that. Very interesting concept of the world. Slow Progression is really nice
  3. In my spare time I looking for an E girlfriend around 1-2b and then pking.
  4. Can't wait to watch some of your videos.
  5. I look forward to having a chat with you as all I do pretty much is fashion scape.
  6. Disrespect is Now Accepting Applications! Disrespect Rules: Be respectful to all members No begging Do not advertise or attempt to recruit for other clans Adhere to Lunaris Rules No PKING Clan Members Have fun Current Member List: Wilderness - Owner 50+ DISRESPECT MEMEBERS What We Can Offer: Life Advice PVP Together Boss Protection Raids Drop Parties Hide N Seek Events Wilderness PVM Application : In-game name - Discord: ( Example ) Bank#0000 Did someone recommend you? Do you have a mic / Yes or no? Past Clan Experience - PVP or PVM? Clan Chat : Disrespect
  7. Wilderness's Introduction What is your name and in game name. IGN - Wilderness/Bank / IRL - Call me Kumar ( Middle Name) How long have you been playing? I have been playing Runescape since 2001. RSPS since 2004-05 (OG) What's your favorite activity in-game to do? Fashionscaping in Bank/Pking/Gambling/ Age? (If your comfortable giving this out we don't judge) 27... but I feel 30 Do you have any in-game pets? If so how many? Looking forward to Grinding for Jad Pet What prestige are you? Do you plan on maxing your prestige? Over 9000 / Yes How long have you been playing RS? I have been playing Runescape since 2001 End game goals? Fashionscape in my favorite outfit Full Ankou + T bow + With some type of hat About you I am the Owner of Disrespect we are now 50+ Members. We Like to Pk a lot as well as group PVM I am always in Voice chat in Discord I got a Teacup Yorkie Born in the UK I'm Brown Live in Florida 5'10 190lbs Cheers
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