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  1. Interesting idea to share with everyone, best of luck !
  2. In-game name - Lukas Discord: Lukas#7786 Did someone recommend you? No Do you have a mic / Yes or no? Yes Past Clan Experience - some in other rsps servers PVP or PVM? PVM
  3. Hello there, snail you later ! 🐌
  4. Will try my best to train combat skills and work towards decent gear for bossing and on top of that pray to rng jesus to get decorative armour. Hopefully I won't spend most of the time exploring the map 😅
  5. I'll be your friend, friend. ❤️
  6. Hello there See you soon o/
  7. Hey there boys and girls, or in between, My name's Lukas and I am 20 y/o so I thought it would be nice to say hello and tell something about myself. Generally I am from Lithuania, but recently emigrated to UK for studies as my country's education system wasn't the best when I have finished high school. Anyways, I am studying Biochemistry, genetics route. Because of covid-19 I have actually nothing to do. Even though I had a part-time job as a barista, I got put on paid furlough leave for around 3 months because of the current situation in UK. Moreover, 3rd semester of studies got cancelled but I will have a few exams this summer. Yikes. As stupid as it sounds I have never really played real runescape because I didn't really understand it, only begged for GP at GE, but I've been playing rsps since I was 11 and it was the best thing IMO, going to library after school to play rsps with some friends. Say no more. When server is launched I will go straight to PVMing and I look forward seeing you there, maybe we will even go to do raids together, who knows. Cheers o/ And for my username, well, let's be honest, Shrek movie is the best thing humanity has ever created. Move along, Musk, you got nothing against it. If you disagree you are not allowed to enter the swamp.
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