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  1. In-game name - Humble Discord: Pim#7277 Did someone recommend you? No Do you have a mic / Yes Past Clan Experience - Not at all PVP or PVM? - Most likely PVM
  2. Hello Lunaris welcome to my Server Support Application! - How long have you been playing Lunaris for? I haven't played Lunaris before, but I'm definitely hyped to start my journey on Lunaris! - What have you done during your game time to help other players? I haven't played Lunaris before, but when I'm playing Lunaris I would do my best to support the Lunaris community with the best answers possible! - Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? I think I would be a good fit for this position because, I want to have a healthy community and I think I can be a part of that with me helping and assisting the community the staff team. - Are you able to take instruction and work without being monitored and meet set deadlines? I am definitely be able to take instruction and work without being monitored and meet set deadlines! - Are you active in the Discord server and on the forums? Yes I will be active you can allways message me whenever! - Feel free to list any other comments or additions below that will help us to generate a decision. I'm Pim, 23 years old from the Netherlands, my hobbies are: playing private servers, playing piano (doing this for 14+ years now) and playing ps4 (call of duty or fortnite) My positive points are: I'm willing to learn, I'm patient with handling situations (people that rage etc) I've been a community mananger and different staff positions on different servers but they died thats why I'm looking for a new home. If you would like to know more about me feel free to ask ahead! Thank you for taking the time to read this application! Kind Regardz, Approval/Pim
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